Steve Ross’ Potato Chip Sandwich


Ingredients needed:

  • Fresh bread
  • Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise
  • Potato chips
  • (1) Jersey Tomato
  • Salt

You must start with a VERY fresh loaf of bread – white, potato, Italian will work – BUT, it must be soft!   If in doubt, go to the store and buy a fresh one!


Next, slather both sides of the bread with Hellmann’s Real mayonnaise (forget those other Mickey Mouse brands!)


Now, grab your favorite potato chip – your choice – just make sure they’re fresh.  Personally, Chef Steve prefers Herr’s sour cream & onion, or Pringle’s).

Place the chips liberally (that’s not a political preference, by the way!) all over one side of the bread.

Now, take the UN-chipped side (the one with only mayonnaise on it), place it over the potato chipped side and push down hard with your hand!  This will make the chips be distributed to each side of the bread.



Next, cut four (4) slices of Jersey tomato and place them on one side.  Dip your knife into the mayo jar & apply a small layer of mayo to the tomatoes (lightly salting the tomato is optional – although, I like it better with a little salt)



Cut that badboy in half and take that first yummy bite!  This will definitely qualify as “Food that makes you moan!”  Enjoy – and you’re welcome!


****Not only is this a great taste treat, but it’s affordable on most any budget, as well!****

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