Chris Stigall Column: Mayor Kenney’s God ComplexWPHT's Chris Stigall examines what he calls Mayor Jim Kenney's 'God Complex.'
Grocers Organization Doubts Soda Tax Will Generate Expected RevenueDavid McCorkle, the President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association says the soda tax will not reap the revenue needed to fund social improvements.
Police Officers Discuss Serving The Citizens Of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia police officers Christopher Noga and Vincent Luu talk with Rich Zeoli about keeping city residents safe.
Writer: Outrage At Increased Soda Price Is MisguidedWriter Brian Hickey says consumers should be angrier of the sellers of sugary drinks that at city government for the increased cost of soda.
Ten Years of Talk Radio -- Thank YouNaval gazing about the business of radio is something I try to keep to myself.
Giordano: Johnny Doc Breaks Down Democrats' Election FailuresJohnny Doc is a great Philadelphia character and union leader that I have jousted with over the years but have always had a good rapport with in personal meetings.
Rand Paul 'Keeping An Open Mind' On Trump's Secretary Of State PickKentucky Senator Rand Paul says he is "keeping an open mind" and will not immediately pass judgment on Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of State.
Giordano: Why No Charges For Lawyer Caught On Camera With Alleged Anti-Trump Vandal?If these two fun guys had written derogatory comments about President Obama, I wonder if everything would be seen so kindly.
Stigall: Fake News Isn’t a New Concept - Just a New TermNo, the answer is more calculated. It’s not delusional or a denial. It’s a purposeful messaging strategy in an era of Democrat loss.
Jim Breuer: Entertainers Should Stay Out Of PoliticsComedian Jim Breuer says entertainers should stop lecturing their audiences about politics.
Rendell Dismisses Recount Effort But Blames Trump For Sewing MistrustEd Rendell says President-elect Donald Trump should stop sewing mistrust in the electorate by insisting millions of people voted illegally.
Kellyanne Conway: Trump Not Looking To Pursue Investigation Of Clinton Once Taking OfficeDonald Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, says the President-elect is not looking to further investigate Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State.

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