Support For Families of Victims, From One Who Knows"I asked myself, are you going to fall apart and surrender to the chaos, or are you going to take a stand?" she recalls.
Karl Morris, Building Community Through The ArtsA mail carrier by day, Morris has a passion that consumes the rest of his life: the arts.
Joe Williams, Passing Along The Worthy Art of Commercial WeldingMaster welder Joe Williams spent decades in construction. Eventually he decided he it was time to do something more.
A Voice of Advocacy For Every Autistic ChildTerri Matthews learned the true meaning of grit when her son Jaden was diagnosed with autism at age 2½.
Supporting the Agencies That Support Philadelphia's Crime Victims Jonathan Davis and Melany Nelson run organizations specifically designed to help victims in Philadelphia.
A Chester County Mother and Daughter, Energizing Tons of Food Donations"It was my daughter's idea to come up with a food drive," recalls Nicole Wiley.
Enriching The Lives of Foster ChildrenWhen Valerie Crabbe and Larry Harris got married, they already had six kids between them and decided to adopt two more. They now run a foundation to help foster kids.
Lincoln Assassination 150th Anniversary, Part 3: John Wilkes Booth's Philadelphia BrotherToday is the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's death, at the hands of John Wilkes Booth, who had a Philadelphia connection.
Supporting Sick Kids and Their Families, In Memory of N.J. Teen Who Lost His Cancer FightJustin Barnabei passed away last April, after his second bout with acute lymphoblastic leukemia became too much to bear.
Rhonda Willingham, Helping The Menfolk Get A Leg UpRhonda Willingham founded MenzFit, a nonprofit group that helps men dress for success and get jobs.
Quietly Lending a Hand To The Less Fortunate "I thought, we have to do something -- what can we do?" recalls Temperance Jaxson, right, after seeing a homeless woman sleeping outside her window.
Harry Leong, A Community Bulwark in Chinatown "My faith calls me to really serve my community, to love our neighbors." And service has been his guiding light.

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