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Doctors Reveal New Sun Safety Recommendations For BabiesInfants under six months of age should not be taking in the sun at all.
New Jersey Lyme Disease Cases Reach Highest Level In Almost 20 YearsThere were more than 5,000 cases of lyme disease reported in New Jersey in 2017.
Some Philadelphia Researchers Are Using Microbubbles To Improve Cancer TreatmentsMicrobubbles are FDA approved for use in ultrasound technology and researchers are hoping they will improve cancer treatments.
Study: Young Women More Likely To Get Lung CancerLung cancer has been a leading cancer killer for older people but now it is striking a growing number of young women who do not smoke.
FDA Warns Teething Medicines Unsafe, Urges Manufacturers To Stop Selling ThemThe Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that various gels and creams containing the drug benzocaine can cause rare but deadly side effects in children, especially those two years and younger.
Landmark Research Could Lead To New Treatment For People With Lung DiseasesLandmark research directed from Temple Health could lead to a new treatment for people with lung diseases. 
Women Look Younger After Doing Face Yoga, Study FindsSunnye Goldston, a face yoga certified instructor, says just like with any other kind of workout, improving facial muscle tone can help delay the signs of aging.
Study: Egg A Day May Help Reduce Chances Of Stroke, Heart DiseaseAn egg a day could do wonders for a person's heart health, according to a new study of nearly half a million people.
Are We Growing Numb To The Opioid Epidemic?"Addiction Solution" author Lloyd I. Sederer, MD, asks if we're growing desensitized to the opioid epidemic.
Research: Healthy Diet Helps With Fighting DepressionMany doctors say while food shouldn't replace medications, it can be just as important.
U.S. Approves First Injection Drug For Chronic Migraines, Costs $6,900 Per YearThe monthly shot Aimovig is the first in a new class of long-acting drugs for preventing migraines.
Doctors Warn Blue Light Can Cause Long-Term Damage To EyesThere is some concern the blue light from technology can lead to macular degeneration, which is a serious condition that can cause blindness.

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