38. TrediciThe chicken Meatballs come dressed with a ginger-spiked tomato sauce.
37. OpaFor $9, you get three golf-balled sized crispy octopus meatballs
36. Pub & KitchenWe ordered “Pork Meatballs,” a $20 main course.
35. Henry James SaloonThe “Meatball Parm,” at $7.50, is a hefty sandwich.
34. Harp & CrownFor $15 we got four huge meatballs, sizzling as they arrived in a cast iron pan accompanied by garlic bread.
33. El CompadreThe specialty is the $6.50 “Torta,” a sandwich made on house-baked rolls and wrapped inside a thin paper sleeve.
33. Capofitto Pizzeria And GelatariaYou get two baseball-sized meatballs made of short rib and pork.
32. BirraWe ordered the “Meatballs Al Forno” ($14).
31. Me N MoThe best was the Classic, which had a wonderful soft texture and multi-layered taste.
3o. In RivaThey come to the table in a little cast iron pan, a plate of three big ones for $11.
29. Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle HouseNan Zhou’s Noddle House is a vibrant Chinatown favorite.
28. Jerry's BarOrder the $12 “Meatballs and Toast"

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