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Molly Eichel

What’s Buzzing In Philly This Weekend With Molly Eichel

The Buzz Bissinger Show realizes that we need to get out more. We’re all living vicariously through our good friend Molly Eichel, who seems to always know where all the best events around the city […]


Buzz Show Entertainment Correspondent Molly Eichel

What’s Buzzing In Philly This Weekend with Molly Eichel

We love it when Molly Eichel stops by the studio on Friday because she gives us such great ideas on what to do in the city and suburbs over the weekend. She takes all the […]


Buzz and Steve's Philadelphia Style Magazine Photo Shoot

Buzz Show Entertainment Report

  Listen to the Podcast of Molly’s Report by clicking here


Political Parties Election Generic Graphic Vote Voting

Presidential Election 2012 Predictions

The Buzz Bissinger Show, with Steve Martorano spent the past couple of days polling the most intelligent political minds locally and nationally to see where they thought the Presidential Election might land on Wednesday morning. […]



Buzz Bissinger Op-Ed: Why I’m Voting For Mitt Romney

Voting for a president is based on a combination of factual and emotional perception. The tipping point was last week’s debate in Denver.