BMW 530i Update Holds Its Own Against The Competitive OnslaughtThe new 2017 BMW 530i Sedan sports a nicely proportioned profile.
Holden Motors Departure From Australia A Sad Chapter In A Great Automotive TraditionThe wild and sprawling Australian island continent is the setting for a great automotive drama.
Unintended Consequences Of New TechnologyIn a case of unintended consequences of new technology, the auto industry is now dealing with the downside of going green.
Entry-Level Makeover Signals A Big Move For Locally Headquartered SubaruBut the new 2017 entry level Subaru Impreza is breaking new ground, showing off a new global architecture which is a shared, modified platform system which will be the basis of all future Subaru models, including a new SUV crossover in the works.
While New Car Market Plateaus, Parts and Upgrades Are Hot!While the auto market has hit healthy high-level plateau, a report just issued by Delaware-based Global Market Insights Inc. says automotive aftermarket business is projected to hit $680 billion annually worldwide by 2024.
Will The Sale of Opel Vauxhall By GM Make America The World Automotive Leader?And yet, the bottom line is in U.S. dollars and sets up a final coup that could forever change the domestic auto industry.
A Thoroughly Modern Take On Volvo TraditionsThe Volvo XC90 winning the 2016 North American Truck of the Year honors was the crowning achievement of company’s transformation.
New Half-Million Dollar Lamborghini Recalls The Glory DaysThe cocktail party at Philadelphia area’s most exclusive car dealership served champagne and a lavish food spread.
Car Companies Are Getting Into The Real Estate GameTwo super high-end residential projects in Miami Florida include partners Porsche and Aston Martin.
Germany Calls For An End To Gas-Powered Engine Cars In 13 Years!Late last year the German Bundesrat, roughly the equivalent of the American Senate, passed legislation banning the production of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030.
Jaguar Races To The Top Tier of Luxury SUVsFor a car company with a legendary racing and royal coach making pedigree – that has over its 72 years survived a few harrowing slick spots – the introduction this year of the new F-PACE compact luxury SUV signals a new era for the vaunted Jaguar brand.
The Already Impressive Mazda3 Just Got Better!The Mazda3 Grand Touring 5-door hatchback – already a demure industry darling priced well-equipped for under $28,000 – just got a refresh for 2017.

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