Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

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  • Monday, June 29th
  • Sielski spells out Hinkie's plan

    Mike Sielski calls in to help the Morning Team better understand Sm Hinkie and his plan with his draft picks.
  • Farzetta follows up on Sixers

    Mark Farzetta explains why he is starting to question Hinkie's plan after a shaky press conference last Thursday.
  • Cooney's call on Sixers

    Bob Cooney helps understand the Sixers moves in the recent NBA draft and how their picks will develop the team.
  • Zolecki feels out Sandberg's reasoning

    Todd Zolecki talks about covering yesterday's Phillies double header and Sandberg walking out.
  • This Day in History

    Hollis Thomas looks back on this day in history, pointing out significant events to remember.
  • Morning Team on Sandberg saying goodbye

    The Morning Team discusses the latest in Phillies news, including Ryne Sandberg leaving the club.
  • Friday, June 26th
  • Cataldi confused with NYC fashion

    Angelo explains the confusing outfits he came across while in New York City.
  • Dei Lynam disagrees on Okafor pick

    Dei Lynam disagrees with Sam Hinkie's decision of drating Okafor and explains why she doesn't think he will fit.
  • Moore matches up Sixers in lineup

    Tom Moore explains hor Okafor will best fit the Sixers lineup when the season comes.
  • Calcaterra predicts MacPhail's success as Phillies president

    Craig Calcaterra calls in to talk about how Andy MacPhail will revitalize a struggling Phillies franchise as the new president.
  • Martelli sees Okafor as improvement

    Phil Martelli talks about last night's NBA Draft and what Okafor means for the future of the Sixers.
  • Post-draft reactions to Okafor

    The Morning Team talks to two callers that feel positive after last night's NBA draft and the Sixers's third overall pick of Jahlil Okafor.
  • Thursday, June 25th
  • Alan Drazen

    The Team talks with the inventor of the Choco Taco
  • Ryan Lawrence

    Philadelphia Daily News reporter Ryan Lawrence talks about the Phillies
  • The Marvel Experience

    The Team talks with the creators of The Marvel Experience that is taking place at Licoln Financial field
  • Andrew Porter

    WIP and Sports Lead's own Andrew Porter talks with The Team about the Sixers and the NBA Draft
  • John Gonzalez

    Philadelphia Daily News John Gonzalez gives his thoughts on what the Sixers should do. Keywords- Draft, NBA, Sixers
  • Phillies Talk

    The Morning Show chats Phillies. Keywords- Phillies, pitching, Philadelphia
  • Sixers Draft

    The Morning Team discusses who the Sixers should draft. Keyword- Draft, NBA, Sixers
  • Wednesday, June 24th
  • Brady taking appeal and Goodell seriously

    CSN New England writer Gary Tanguay calls in to talk about the New England controversy regarding DeflateGate and Tom Brady's appeal.
  • Mayor Nutter goes to Rome

    Joe Conklin recreates Mayor Nutter's trip to Rome with several guests, including Allen Iverson and Big Daddy Graham.
  • Cooney catches up on Hamels

    Kevin Cooney calls in from New York to talk about Phillies baseball, including the ins and outs of a possible Hamels trade.
  • Dr. Mark Schwartz

    Nova Care Doctor
  • G Cobb
  • After the storm

    Al Morganti and Keith Jones talk about the damage they encountered after last night's storm.
  • Tuesday, June 23rd
  • Phillies GM, Ruben Amaro Jr.

    Ruben Amaro Jr. joins the Morning Show to discuss what's going on with the Phillies.
  • The Smoke Show

    Natalie Egenolf joins the Morning Show and talks women's sports.
  • Joe Conklin

    Conklin impersonates Allen Iverson and Sam Hinkie in a new bit
  • Howard Eskin

    Howard talks with The Morning Team about the Phillies, the Sixers, and more
  • Ballers

    Angelo and the morning team talk about the new HBO show, Ballers.
  • Ben Davis

    Ben Davis talks about ruining a no-hitter.
  • Monday, June 22nd
  • "Ghosting"

    The Morning Team talks about the new term "ghosting" and shutting out signifcant others.
  • Kincade keeps covering all Philly sports

    Talk show host John Kincade covers every aspect with Philly sports, starting with dinner with Ruben Amaro, the upcoming NBA Draft, then Chip Kelly's current lease situation.
  • Talking to a married Miguel

    Miguel calls in to tell the Morning Team how his proposal and wedding went on Saturday.
  • McCaffery covers everything from Utley to Kelly

    Jack McCaffery missed the Phillies Father's Day game, but still provided his insight on all Philadelphia sports.
  • Vetrone talks Phillies statistics

    Statistician Boop Vetrone provides insight on how rough the Phillies season has been through stats.
  • Phillies game on Father's Day

    Angelo and the Morning Team discuss fathers' reactions when they received tickets to yesterday's Phillies game.
  • Friday, June 19th
  • Jim Norton's insights on his career

    Actor/comedian Jim Norton updates the Morning Team on his career and what's next.
  • Astronaut to launch first pitch for Phillies tonight

    Astronaut Rich Mastracchio talks with the mornign team about his experiences in space and throwing out the first pitch at tonight's Phillies game.
  • Bob Grotz comments on Kelly's culture

    Eagles writer Bob Grotz responds to Chip Kelly's recent press conferences and the productivity of players after OTAs.
  • Todd Zolecki recaps rough week with Phillies

    Phillies writer Todd Zolecki discusses all of the frustration with Ruben Amaro Jr. and the 2015 Phillies organization.
  • 30 ballparks in 30 days

    Tom and Brian have been traveling the country for 20 days and are 2/3 of the way of their 30 day trip of visiting a ballpark every day.
  • Comparing old Philly sports to new

    Angelo and the Morning Team compare past trends to new prospects that can look forward to.
  • Thursday, June 18th
  • Tom McCarthy

    The play-by-play announcer for the Phillies television broadcast talks with The Team about the Phillies
  • Jeff McLane

    Inquirer Staff Writer and's Jeff McLane talks about the Eagles
  • Bubble Bath Commitment Phobes

    The Team talks to couples who are commitment phobes
  • Interviewed Bubble Bath Contestants

    Bubble Bath contestants get interviewed and Intern William Scully gets an inside look
  • Introduction to Steven Singer's 10th Annual Worlds Largest Bubble Bath

    The Team introduces the main event of the day's show, The Worlds Largest Bubble Bath
  • Ryan Matthews

    The new Eagles running back talks about transitioning into a new team, and more
  • Wednesday, June 17th
  • Brad Lidge

    Former Phillies Relief Pitcher
  • Beasley Reese

    CBS Philly
  • Joe Conklin

    Sixers Siri helps Brett Brown attempt to get to work
  • Kevin Cooney

    Bucks County Courier Times
  • Conklin as Manuel in the bullpen

    Joe Conklin is on air as Charlie Manuel to make fun of the Phillies bullpen phone being off the hook in last night's game.
  • Phillies Bullpen Phone Issues

    Angelo explains what happened in Baltimore after a 19-3 loss
  • Tuesday, June 16th
  • Phillies GM, Ruben Amaro Jr.

    The Phillies GM calls in to talk to Angelo about what's going on with the Phillies.
  • Bubble Bath participant Tiffany

    Tiffany talks about her participation in the upcoming Steven Singer Bubble Bath
  • Howard Eskin

    Talks Joel Embiid, The Phillies, The Eagles, and more
  • The SmokeShow Natalie Egenolf

    Natalie and The Team talk Jurassic World, Joel Embiid, the next championship team in Philadelphia, and Joe Conklin does a tram car skit
  • CSN Philly's John Gonzalez

    Talks Sixers, Philly sports fans, and more