Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

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  • Wednesday, May 27th
  • Greg Bedard

    Sports Illustrated writer Greg Bedard joins The Morning Team to talk about his upcoming article on Chip Kelly.
  • Todd Zolecki's Phillies writer Todd Zolecki addresses Amaro's comments about the fans, and Maikel Franco's movie star voice.
  • Dr. Thomas Trojian

    NovaCare Dr. Thomas Trojian shares his expertise with The Morning Team, and discusses Stephen Curry's head injury, as well as Sam Bradford.
  • G Cobb

    G. Cobb joins Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team to talk about the current state of the Eagles team.
  • Joe Conklin as Maikel Franco

    Franco sounding like Scarface
  • Morning Team recaps Reuben Amaro's recent fumbles

    The Morning Team looks at how Reuben Amaro attempts to recover after saying Philadelphia fans don't understand their game plan on bringing up prospects.
  • Tuesday, May 26th
  • Ruben Amaro Jr.

    Ruben Amaro Jr. joins The Morning Team to talk about his fan comments, and the Phillies future.
  • Charles Barkley

    Charles Barkley joins Howard Eskin to discuss the Sixers, Tom Brady, and LeSean McCoy's issues with Chip Kelly.
  • Jordan Matthews

    Eagles Wide Receiver Jordan Matthews joins Howard Eskin to talk Eagles.
  • Joe Conklin

    Joe Conklin impersonates Charles Barkley, and talks Tom Brady, LeSean McCoy and more.
  • Lunatic Jack

    Lunatic Jack calls in and talks Allen Iverson
  • Al Morganti, Howard Eskin, Rhea Hughes

    Talk Philadelphia sports, and more
  • Friday, May 22nd
  • Pat Croce on Iverson documentary

    Former president of the 76ers, Pat Croce, talks about his recent trip to Cuba and involvment in the Allen Iverson documentary.
  • Kate Bilo brings weather to the Show

    Forecaster Kate Bilo tells the Morning Team what weather they can expect over the holiday weekend.
  • Ron Borges explains why he questions Patriots in DeflateGate

    New England football writer Ron Borges explains why he questions Tom Brady's honesty and Robert Kraft's thought process in DeflateGate.
  • Todd Zolecki talks Phillies Future

    MLB writer Todd Zolecki discusses Ryan Howard's attractiveness as a DH and the success of pitcher Aaron Nola at AAA.
  • This Day in History

    The Morning Team looks back on significant events on this day in history.
  • Thursday, May 21st
  • Ben Davis, Mark Farzetta

    Ben names his winners of the day, Mark wraps up the show
  • Jay Black

    Talks David Letterman and his final episode
  • Rob Wasserman

    Talking burgers and the Burger Brawl
  • Brandon McManus

    Talks Broncos, new NFL rules, and more
  • Glen Macnow

    Talks the Phillies, and more
  • Italy Butt Grabbing

    Marc Farzetta heads to Italy how will he deal with butt grabbing?
  • Wednesday, May 20th
  • John Gonzales shows support for Hinke

    John Gonzales explains his support for Sam Hinkie and his positivity after the Sixers got the third pick in last night's lottery.
  • Vince Papale looks at new Eagles

    Eagles legend Vince Papale calls in to discuss this year's Eagles and Chip Kelly.
  • Gary Tanguay explains guilty Patriots in DeflateGate

    New England Radio and Television personality Gary Tanguay offers an unpopular opinion up north about the Deflategate scandal.
  • Dr. Yoshi's take on players's health coming out of the NBA Lottery

    Dr. Preet Yoshi explains the medical precautions with players coming out of the NBA draft and transitioning to professional basketball.
  • Cooney says his piece about NBA Lottery

    Sixers beat reporter Bob Cooney talks to the Morning team with how he thinks the Sixers faired in last night's lottery.
  • Robert Kraft to not appeal Patriots DeflateGate punishment

    The Morning Team discusses the repercussions with Robert Kraft's plan to not appeal the Patriots's punishment in Deflategate.
  • Farzetta channels Letterman as child

    Joe Farzetta explains how Letterman monologues helped him get through childhood Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  • Tuesday, May 19th
  • Al Morganti and intern Andrew McDevitt

    Election Day Polls
  • Dom Irrera

    North Dakota Jokes with Intern Sean
  • Ruben Amaro Jr

    General Manage of the Phillies
  • Zatella Beatty

    Director of Allen Iverson ShowTime Documnetary
  • Dave Hakstol

    New Flyers Head Coach
  • Howard Eskin

    Talks new Flyers coach, Phillies, deflategate, and more
  • Monday, May 18th
  • Phillies Fan Joyce Had Ball Snatched From Hand

    Lady Phillies fan Joyce had Maikel Franco's home run ball taken from her hands
  • Jamaal Jackson talks Eagles and DeflateGate

    Jamaal Jackson explains the different inflation of NFL game balls and the Eagles potential this fall.
  • Ed Rendell Stops In Studio

    Ed Rendell is in studio this morning to look back on some of his favorite Allen Iverson and 76ers memories.
  • Ray Didinger offers his opinions on DeflateGate

    Ray Didinger discusses DeFlagate and his favorite foods from the past weekend's Best Bacon Creation Finals.
  • Analyzing Robert Kraft's response to DeflateGate

    The Morning Team walks listeners through Robert Kraft's response to the DeflateGate punishment in an article by Sports Illustrated.
  • Reponses to Iverson documentary

    The Morning Team discussses the new Allen Iverson documentary and the comparison to basketball in Philadelphia 14 years ago.
  • Friday, May 15th
  • Brett Meyers becoming a country artist

    The Morning Team listens to Brett Meyers's new country song and gives their opinions on his possible success as a country artist.
  • Morning Team welcomes NY Post writer to discuss Deflategate

    Bart Hubbuch is known for his criticism of the Patriots, so the Morning Teams welcomes him to discuss the Deflatgate controversy.
  • Todd Zolecki's approach on Chase Utley

    Todd Zolecki explains his opinion on Chase Utley's struggling season and his possible retirement.
  • This Day in History

    Angelo and the Morning Team look back at significant events that happened on May 15 in history.
  • MIke Schmidt discusses possibilites with Utley retirement

    Angelo and the Morning Team discuss Mike Schmidt's interview and how Chase Utley retiring would affect the team.
  • Thursday, May 14th
  • Mike Schmidt

    Talking Phillies, and more
  • Jim Kelly

    Talks about his health, Deflategate, Bills, Leasean McCoy, and more
  • Kevin Cooney

    Phillies Talk
  • Smoke Show Natalie Egenolf

    Talking Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, and more
  • Gary Cobb

    Talking Eagles football and the NFL
  • Wednesday, May 13th
  • Best Eagles Home Games

    Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team rank the Eagles home games on importance.
  • Troy Brown

    Former Patriots player Troy Brown joins the WIP morning show to talk about Deflategate and Super Bowl 39. Keywords: Troy Brown, Patriots, Tom Brady
  • Connor Barwin

    Connor Barwin joins the WIP Morning Show to talk some football and charity. Keywords: Connor Barwin, Eagles
  • Eric Rowe

    Eric Rowe joins Angelo and the morning team to chat about the Eagles. Keywords: Eric Rowe, Eagles
  • Dr. Eddie Wu

    Orthopedic surgeon discusses injuries
  • Patrick Murphy Train Derailment

    Former US Congressman
  • Tuesday, May 12th
  • Joe Conklin and Ed Rendell

    Joe Conklin sings about the Phillies and then Ed Rendell calls the morning show. Keywords: Phillies, Eagles
  • Ruben Amaro Jr

    The general manager of the Phillies joins the morning show. Keywords: Phillies, Ruben Amaro Jr