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Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

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  • Friday, August 26th
  • Dick Vermeil

    Howard and Coach Vermeil talk football
  • Show Open

    the morning team opens the show
  • Charles Barkley 2

    More of Charles and Howard
  • Charles Barkley Part 1

    Charles and Howard cover a range of topics
  • Tim McCarver

    Baseball talk with Tim MCCarver
  • Thursday, August 25th
  • Les Bowen

    Speaks to morning show host after Al's question what are your thoughts on our philadelphia eagles this upcoming season with a odd preseason start with offensive line issues, an concerns with bradford?
  • Opening Segment "Morning Show"

    Al Morganti, Rhea , and guest host Ricky Ricardo opening this mornings show. 
  • Phil Martelli

    Coach at Saint Joes University. Talks to Al and morning host about summer reading book called the seal, states that he is going to have his teammates read the book. After Als questions him about his tweet on twitter. 
  • Wednesday, August 24th
  • Pete Mackanin

    Speaks to morning show team about last nights game. 
  • Bob Grotz

    Speaks to morning show team. 
  • Dave Coskey

    Speaks to morning team. 
  • Tuesday, August 23rd
  • Agile Cat's Pete Madden

    With Angelo on vacation, Al and Rhea are in the studio with Kevin Cooney and they speak on the phone with Agile Cat's Pete Madden about Ryan Lachte, and marketing decisions within professional sports organizations.
  • The Team talks Marketing Decisions in Professional Sports

    Al, Rhea, and in-studio guest Kevin Cooney discuss marketing decisions with professional teams and the controversies that can follow some of those decisions.
  • Philly Voice's Jimmy Kempski

    With Angelo out, Al and Rhea are accompanied by in-studio guest Kevin Cooney as they talk with Philly Voice's Jimmy Kempski about Carson Wentz, the Eagles defense, the Eagles wide recievers, and more.
  • Howard Eskin

    With Angelo on vacation, Al and Rhea take control of the Morning Show with in-studio guest Kevin Cooney. The three of them talk with Howard Eskin as he calls in to talk about Eagles QB Carson Wentz and his health, they discuss the Eagles as a whole, and more.
  • Monday, August 22nd
  • Zach Berman

    Philadelphia Inqurier's Eagles writer Zach Berman discusses Stephen Tulloch, the Eagles wide receiver core, and more.
  • Todd Zolecki

    12:00's Todd Zolecki joins Al Morganti to talk about the Phillies rotation.
  • More Exciting: Sixers or Eagles?

    Al Morganti, Marshall Harris, and Rhea Hughes debate whether the Sixers are more exciting than the Eagles.
  • Keith Jones' Embarrassing Run In With Barbra Streisand

    Al Morganti shares a funny story about Keith Jones encounter with famous singer Barbra Streisand.
  • The OverlapShow with Al Morganti and Andrew Porter

    Al Morganti and Andrew Porter discuss the Eagles and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte on their overlap segment. 
  • Friday, August 19th
  • Kevin Cooney

    Kevin Cooney speaks to the morning team about the start of eagles preseason and what to expecrt as regular season is approcahing. 
  • Brandon Graham

    Angelo and morning team speak to Brandon Graham about last nights game an his wonderful performance. 
  • Thursday, August 18th
  • Ben Davis

    Phillies broadcaster Ben Davis gives Angelo and The Morning Team the scoop on the popcorn incident with the Phillie Phanatic.
  • Tom McCarthy

    Phillies broadcaster Tom McCarthy joins Angelo and The Morning Team to talk about Chase Utley's legacy, as well as Ben Davis's incident with the Phillie Phanatic. 
  • Farzy In The Field

    In the latest "Farzy in the Field", Marc Farzetta heads to Citizens Bank Park to talk to Phillies fans about Chase Utley's legacy.
  • Eagles Fans Invade The Studio

    A group of diehard Eagles fans stop by the Tastykake Studios to talk to Angelo and The Morning Team about the upcoming season, and an upcoming documentary on the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry. 
  • John Kincade Rips Angelo, Philly Fans

    Atlanta radio host and Philadelphia native John Kincade joins the show to rip into Angelo and Philadelphia fans for how they handled Chase Utley's return, going as far as to call them "soft".
  • G Cobb

    G Cobb of joins Angelo and The Morning Team to talk about Thursday's Eagles preseason game and Doug Pederson.
  • Wednesday, August 17th
  • Pete Mackanin

    Phillies manager Pete Mackanin joins the Morning Team to discuss the Phillies.
  • Bennie Logan

    Eagles defensive tackle Bennie Logan joins the Morning Team to discuss the Eagles and this upcoming season.
  • Reuben Frank

    Comcast SportsNet's Reuben Frank joins the Morning Team to discuss Chase Utley's return to Citizens Bank Park, the Eagles, and newest Eagle Dorial Green-Beckham.
  • Tuesday, August 16th
  • Bleeding Green Nation's John Barchard

    Angelo and The Team talk with Bleeding Green Nation's John Barchard about the Eagles and get his take on which players could be difference makers.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane

    Angelo and The Team talk with Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane about Lane Johnson, Doug Pederson, and more.
  • Duffy The Caller

    Angelo and The Team talk to caller Duffy (Joe Conklin) about his pessimism for the upcoming Eagles season.
  • Billy The Helper

    Angelo and The Morning Team talk with famous caller, Billy The Helper (Joe Conklin), about how hot it is outside.
  • Howard Eskin

    Howard Eskin talks with Angelo and The Morning Team about controversy surrounding Lane Johnson, The Eagles, and more. 
  • Monday, August 15th
  • Donald Trump

    Republican party presidential nominee Donald Trump joins Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team at Doc Magrogan's in Sea Isle City.
  • Mark Eckel

    Angelo and The Morning Team talks to's football writer Mark Eckel about the outlook of the Philadelphia Eagles season, the Lane Johnson situation, and his thoughts on new head coach Doug Pederson.
  • Phil Martelli and Fran Dunphy

    College basketball coaches Phil Martelli (St. Joe's) and Fran Dunphy (Temple) join Angelo and The Morning Team to discuss the local basketball scene, and Angelo reveals how much money they raised for Coaches Vs. Cancer. 
  • Gary Myers

    New York Daily News' NFL writer and accomplished author Gary Myers joins Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team to discuss the Eagles' season outlook. 
  • Dr. Dushuttle

    Dr. Dushuttle from Novacare joins Angelo discussing Lane Johnson and Carson Wentz's rib injury. 
  • Friday, August 12th
  • Eliot Shorr-Parks

    Eliot talks Eagles
  • Show Open

    Angelo breaks down the Eagles first preseason game
  • Marcus Hayes

    Marcus talks about the Eagles Bucs game
  • Glen Foley

    Glen lays into Lane Johnson
  • Thursday, August 11th
  • Farzy In the Field: Olympics

    Marc Farzetta has some Olympics-related trivia for the people. 
  • Brett Brown

    Joins the morning team to speak about him sittin in watching the eagles practices and what he thinks of Doug peterson as he is a new coach in the league. 
  • Tra Thomas

    Best Offensive lineman eagles had comes on to speak to morning team about offensive line this upcoming season. Also speaking on Lane Jhonson and his second testing coming back negative for drugs in his system. 
  • Les Bowen

    From the Daily news interviews with the morning team speaking on the eagles game tonight and Carson Wentz performance. 
  • Al Morganti's Tribute to John Saunders

    Al Morganti gives a touching tribute to his friend and former co-worker, ESPN's John Saunders. 
  • Wednesday, August 10th
  • Jim Thome

    MLB and Phillies legend Jim Thome drops by the studio to speak with Angelo and The Morning Team about his astounding MLB career, his experience with The Phillies, and what he is up to these days.
  • Ross Tucker

    Ross Tucker from NBCSN talks with Angelo and The Morning Team about Lane Johnson, The Eagles, and more. 
  • Sexy Single Marshall Harris

    Angelo, The Team, and Joe Conklin (as Merrill Reese and Mike Quick) help Sexy Single Marshall Harris find true love.
  • Darren DeGaetano

    Darren DeGaetano talks with Angelo and The Morning Team about the recent controversy surrounding Lane Johnson involving PED's. 
  • Merrill Reese

    Merrill Reese talks with Angelo and The Morning Team about Lane Johnson, The Eagles, Tommy & Me, and more.
  • Tuesday, August 9th
  • Ray Didinger

    Angelo and The Morning Team talk with Ray Didinger about his new play "Tommy and Me", The Eagles, and more.
  • Joe Conklin Visits The Kensington Olympics

    Joe Conklin sees his good friend Chip Snapper to find out about their version of the Olympics. 
  • Kevin Cooney

    Kevin nCooney talks with Angelo and The Team about Eagles, Phillies, and more
  • Joe Conklin is Donald Trump

    Donald Trump is Donald Trump's hero! 
  • Howard Eskin

    Angelo and The Team talk to Eskin about Eagles, NFL, and more.

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