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Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

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  • Friday, December 19th
  • Special Teams Great Brian Mitchell

    B Mitch goes over the art of fielding a kick-off and Jay Gruden's comments on DeSean Jackson. Keywords: Brian Mitchell
  • St. Joe's coach Phil Martelli

    Coach Martelli calls for a BLOWOUT in the Eagles vs. Redskins match. Keywords: Phil Martelli, Eagles, Redskins
  • Legendary Coach Dick Vermeil

    Coach Vermeil can still crunch numbers with the best of 'em, and he gives his Fearless Picks. Keywords: Dick Vermeil, fearless picks
  • Eagles Center Jason Kelce

    Jason Kelce joins the Morning Team to discuss the loss against Dallas and what to expect from the Birds going forward. Keywords: Jason Kelce, Eagles
  • Hollis Thomas' This Day In History

    Find out what interesting tidbits Hollis has uncovered about this day in history. Keywords: Hollis Thomas, This Day In History
  • Eagles @ Redskins

    Angelo and the Morning Team give their first thoughts on this Saturday's Eagles game against the Redskins. Keywords: Eagles, Redskins
  • Thursday, December 18th
  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

    Chris Christie responds to all of the backlash over his presence in Jerry Jones' box at the Eagles-Cowboys game. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Chris Christie
  • Long-time Phillies PA Announcer Dan Baker

    Dan Baker joins us at Ponzio's to talk about how he feels about the pending departure of Jimmy Rollins. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Phillies
  • Eagles Legend Vince Papale

    Inspirational reciever Vince Papale drops by Ponzio's to give us a little hope going into a pivotal weekend in football. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Vince Papale
  • Phillies Broadcaster Greg Murphy

    One of the few bright spots for the Phillies this year, Greg Murphy joins us at Ponzio's. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Ponzio's
  • Holiday Poobah

    Stan Hochman could not join us at Ponzio's, but gives us his expert sports predictions ahead of the New Year. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Stan Hochman
  • Sixers CEO Scott O'Neil

    Scott O'Neil attempts to add clarity to the Sixers' controversial long-term strategy. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Sixers
  • A Very Special Appearance by Mitch Williams

    Former Phillies pitcher Mitch Williams talks about what he looks for as a baseball analyst and why he loves doing what he does. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Mitch Williams
  • First Eating Stunt at Ponzio's

    South Jersey Kieth attempts his french toast stunt live from Ponzio's, which was gratious enough to provide the food for this stunt. Keywords: Wing Bowl, Angelo Cataldi
  • Wednesday, December 17th
  • The Ladies of Delilah's

    Future wingettes join us in studio to discuss the Wingbowl and bad tippers at Delilah's. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Wing Bowl
  • Mike Quick Calls in During Eating Stunt

    As Matt and Cheese attempts to eat 5 pounds of mac & cheese in 6 minutes, Mike Quick calls in to talk football. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Mike Quick
  • Ukraine Train Stunt

    Ukraine Train tries to eat an entire donut pizza in about 6 minutes. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Wing Bowl
  • Legendary Eagles Corner Lito Sheppard

    Lito Sheppard gives us his analysis of the Eagles' woeful corners from his years of experience in the NFL. Keywords: Angelo Cataldi, Lito Sheppard
  • Philadelphia Daily News Columnist Sam Donnellon

    Sam Donnellon gives his thoughts on the Eagles loss. Keyword- Eagles, wind
  • Nerlens Noel Song

    Another great song by Joe Conklin. Keyword- Joe Conklin, Song

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