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Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

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  • Monday, September 26th
  • Kevin Cooney

    From Bucks County Courier Times, Kevin Cooney talks with The Team about the tragic death of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and abou the Eagles.
  • Phil Martelli

    St. Joe's Mens Basketball Head Coach calls in from Vegas to talk with The Team about the big Eagles win.
  • Carson Wentz Montage

    Following a blowout victory aganst the Steelers, The Morning Team talks about the Eagles and most importantly Carson Wentz. To celebrate the victory The Team has created a montage of great Carson Wentz plays mixed with soundbites of people hating on Wentz.
  • Ray Didinger

    The Morning Team talks with Ray Didinger following an amazing Eagles game against the Steelers.
  • Doug Pederson

    The Morning Team talks with Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson after a mesmerizing win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Friday, September 23rd
  • Vittoria Woodill

    Vittoria Woodill joins Angelo Cataldia and the 94WIP Morning Show, as she gets ready for the Eagles-Steelers tailgate. 
  • Dick Vermeil

    Dick talks about this week's game and recalls a story with the great Stan Hochman
  • Gene Collier

    Gene, who writes for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, talks Steelers vs Eagles.
  • Phil Martelli

    Coach talks college hoops and Eagles football
  • Jason Kelce

    Jason Kelce discusses what it's like to be 2-0
  • Eagles Pep Band

    Get excited for Eagles vs Steelers!
  • Thursday, September 22nd
  • Ray Didinger

    Eagles analyst Ray Didinger joins Angelo in studio to talk about Carson Wentz and the Eagles with callers.
  • Steelers writer Ron Cook

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and CBS The Fan's Ron Cook joins Angelo and The Morning team to compare Wentz and Roethlisberger, and preview the Eagles-Steelers game.
  • Farzy In The Field

    Marc Farzetta hits the bars to ask people how long it's been since Philadelphia has had something as good as Carson Wentz.
  • FanDuel Sleepers of the Week

    After two weeks of successful picks, studio assistant Jake Pavorsky gives Angelo two more sleepers for your weekly FanDuel lineups.
  • Michael Lombardi

    Former NFL executive and Fox Sports analyst Michael Lombardi joins Angelo to talk about Carson Wentz, and how Cleveland feels about missing out on him.
  • Wednesday, September 21st
  • Pete Mackanin

    Pete Mackanin joins The Team to talk about the Phillies and the Eagles.
  • Carson Wentz Song

    Joe Conklin as Merrill Reese sings a song for The Team about Carson Wentz.
  • Joe Conklin is Chip Snapper

    Chip Snapper is in the Tap Room and talks with The Team about how Carson Wentz has effected Kensington and its people.
  • Doug Pederson

    Doug tallks with The Team about the game against the Bears, Carson Wentz, and the upcoming Steelers game.
  • Brandon Graham

    Brandon joins the morning show team this morning to talk about monday nights game,and sundays big game approaching against the pittsburg steelers. 
  • Tuesday, September 20th
  • Ray Didinger

    Eagles analyst Ray Didinger breaks down the state of the Birds after their convincing win in Chicago.
  • Ross Tucker

    Former NFL lineman and NBCSN's Ross Tucker calls Angelo to discuss Carson Wentz's game against the Bears, and his bright career outlook.
  • NovaCare's Dr. Elliott Leitman

    Novacare's Dr. Elliott Leitman joins Angelo and The Morning Team to discuss Caleb Sturgis's cramps, and attempts to diagnose Sam Bradford's hand injury.
  • Howard Eskin

    Howard Eskin tells Angelo and The Morning Team what the Eagles-Bears game was like from the sidelines in Chicago,and gives the Birds a rave review.
  • Former NFL Quarterback Glenn Foley

    Former New York Jets Quarterback Glenn Foley joins Angelo and The Morning Team to break down Carson Wentz's impressive victory over the Chicago Bears.
  • Monday, September 19th
  • Mark Eckel

    09:37's Mark Eckel talks with The Morning Team about the upcoming MNF Eagles vs. Bears game.
  • Major VanWinkle

    Major VanWinkle, grandson to Major McDonald, is in the studio and raps about the Eagles.
  • Phil Martelli

    St. Joe's University men's basketball coach Phil Martelli talks with The Morning Team about the upcoming MNF Eagles game.
  • Marc Farzetta's Farzy in the Field

    Farzy is in the field talking Eagles vs. Bears with possibly the drunkest crowd he has ever interviewed.
  • Gary Cobb

    Gary Cobb calls in to talk with the Morning Team about the Eagles vs. Bears Monday Night Football game, Carson Wentz, and more.
  • Eagles Pep Band

    It is the 20th Anniversary of the Eagles Pep Band and they reveal a new song for the Monday Night Football Game the Eagles have against the Bears.
  • Friday, September 16th
  • Jason Kelce

    Jason Kelce talks about the Eagles' Week 1 win and looks ahead to the Bears. 
  • Bob Cooney

    From Bob Cooney joins the morning show to talk about wentz performance on sunday, and he factors in Embid and Ben Simmons as their season is approaching. Final question was who do you think we will see a championship from first Eagles or Sixers? Bob went with the Sixers. 
  • Frank Caliendo

    Comedian and Impressionist Frank Caliendo Joins the morning show team to talk about his upcoming apperance at the borgata. Also Angelo ask about how you see many different types of talent on these television shows but why no impressionist? 
  • Dick Vermeil

    Joins the morning show team to talk to former eagles coach about our philadelphia eagles performance after game one. Carson wentz performance? What as a coach are you looking for in your quater back? Dick also shares some information about his wine that is availible to be ordered. 
  • Jason Kelly

    Joins morning team Angelo questions him about his only bad snap that rookie quarter back Carson Wentz was still able to recieve and almost complete the play. Whats to come and excitment for Monday Nights Game. 
  • Jon Dorenbos

    Jon Dorenbos joins the morning team to talk about his upset not winning America's Got Talent. However sharing the positives and getting excited about the season and whats to come. 
  • Thursday, September 15th
  • Farzy In The Field

    Marc Farzetta heads down to Independence Beer Garden to ask people about their thoughts on Carson Wentz.
  • FanDuel Sleeper Of The Week

    After hitting it big last week, studio assistant Jake Pavorsky gives his FanDuel sleeper for week two of the NFL season.
  • Ray Didinger

    Eagles analyst Ray Didinger joins The Morning Team to break down what he saw from Carson Wentz against the Browns.
  • Brian Billick

    Super Bowl champion head coach Brian Billick gives his analysis of Carson Wentz's debut, and gives his prediction for Eagles-Bears.
  • Tech Topic Of The Week

    Ava Graham introduces Angelo to the BaKBlade 2.0, the ultimate DIY back and body shaver. You can pre-order ittoday, or purchase the original baKBlade on Amazon.
  • Michael Lombardi

    Former NFL executive Michael Lombardi joins The Morning Team to talk about Carson Wentz's future, as well as the Colin Kaepernick situation.
  • Wednesday, September 14th
  • Pete Mackanin

    Joins the morning show team to talk about the phillies. Tough Season and he feels the fans want to see them win. 
  • Ross Tucker

    Joins the morning show team to share some information about our Philadelphia Eagles. 
  • Brandon Graham

    Talks to morning show team about teammate jon dorenbos and his performance on americas got talent. Also talks about upcoming game monday and wentz performance this far and how far he believes he will take the team this season as quaterback. 
  • Tuesday, September 13th
  • Adam The Bull from The Fan in Cleveland

    Adam The Bull from 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland joins Angelo and The Morning Team to talk about the miserable state of the Browns.
  • CBS3 Cameraman Run Into By Jordan Matthews

    Kyle Hall, the CBS3 cameraman who was run into by Jordan Matthews after catching Carson Wentz's first touchdown pass, details the incident with Angelo and The Morning Team.
  • Carson Wentz Theme Song

    Joe Conklin debuts three different theme songs for Carson Wentz, and Angelo needs help deciding which one is best.
  • Dr. Eddie Wu on Zach Ertz's Injury

    Novacare's Dr. Eddie Wu joins Angelo and The Morning Team to talk about Ertz's rib displacement injury.
  • Howard Eskin

    Howard Eskin, also known as Mr. Rudeness, joins Angelo to talk about the Eagles first win, and previews next week's game vs. the Bears.
  • Monday, September 12th
  • Glenn Foley

    Glenn Foley talks with The Morning Team about the Eagles win over the Browns.
  • Eagles Montage

    A montage from the Eagles game against the Browns. 
  • Doug Pederson

    Angelo and The Team talk with Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson about Carson Wentz and the win in the season opener.
  • Ray Didinger

    Angelo and The Team talk with Ray Didinger about Carson Wentz and the Eagles following their great week 1 performace. 
  • The Team talks Carson Wentz

    Angelo and The Team talk about Carson Wentz and his fantastic debut with the Eagles. 
  • Friday, September 9th
  • Roob

    Reuben Frank joins the morning show!
  • Dick Vermeil

    Dick Vermeil talks some eagles football
  • Phil Martelli

    COach MArtelli checks in with the Morning Team

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