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Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

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  • Tuesday, July 28th
  • The Larry and Keith Show

    Keith Jones and caller Larry gang up on Al and Mark.
  • Cole Hamels Trade Talk

    The Morning Team discusses whether or not the Phillies should trade Hamels.
  • Howard Eskin

    Howard talks with The Team about Cole Hamels, the trade deadline, and more
  • Chip Kelly Wedding

    The Morning Show discovers an audio clip from Chip Kelly's secret wedding.
  • Monday, July 27th
  • Zolecki's prediction on Hamels's Todd Zolecki relives Saturday's no-hitter along with trade possibilities for Hamels.
  • Conklin calls in for response

    Joe Conklion says his piece after being accused of damaging Cole Hamels's reputation amongst fans.
  • Sielski calls out Conklin

    Mike Sielski calls out impressionist Joe Conklin for damaging Cole Hamels's reputation in Philadelphia.
  • Donnellon takes on Hamels story

    Writer Sam Donnellon recaps his daughters experience at Hamels's no-hitter on Saturday.
  • Hamels deals in no- hitter

    The Morning talks Hamels's no-hitter and Al Morganti proposes his approach of Hamels trade.
  • Friday, July 24th
  • Nola amps tv ratings

    Jay Black discusses Aaron Nola's debut and major television stars and their fall from the top.
  • Cobb's call on Eagles

    Gene Cobb discussed McCoy's mistake along with who he expects to have more success at the QB position.
  • Cooney's call on Eagles and Phillies

    Kevin Cooney
  • McCoy's Mess Up

    The Morning Team discusses LeSean McCoy's latest Instagram post inviting women to hang out with him.
  • This Day in History

    Hollis Thomas reminds the Morning Team of significant events that happenened on
  • Philly fans an angry breed

    The Morning Team discusses how Philadelphia fans still come off as angry from the outside.
  • Thursday, July 23rd
  • Tommy Greene

    Former Phillies pitcher Tommy Greene talks with The Team about Aaron Nola, and more
  • Amish Market Doughnut Eating Contest Results

    The Team announces the winners and losers from the doughnut eating contest held at The Amish Market in North Wildwood, NJ
  • Amish Market Dougnut Eating Contest

    The Team broadcasts from The Amish Market in North Wildwood, NJ and commentates a doughnut eating contest
  • A.J. Nola

    A.J. Nola, new Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola's father, talks with The Team about what it was like to watch his son's major league debut
  • Jon Runyan

    Former Eagles offensive tackle and former New Jersey Congressman, Jon Runyan, talks with The Team about Angelo's Ironpigs opening pitch, The Eagles, politics, and more
  • Jeffrey Lurie

    Angelo discusses with a caller why Jeffrey Lurie is possibly the best owner of a professional Philadelphia sports franchise
  • Wednesday, July 22nd
  • The Wrap

    Farzetta Wraps up Today's Show
  • John Gonzalez

    CSN Philly
  • Samir Mehta

    NovaCare Doctor
  • Bill Wine

    Movie Expert
  • Todd Zolecki
  • Recap of Aaron Nola Debut

    Angelo is happy with the new Phillies Pitcher
  • Tuesday, July 21st
  • Ruben Amaro Jr.

    The Phillies General Manager talks with The Team about Aaron Nola, and more
  • Tom Housenick

    Tom Housenick from Allentown's The Morning Call, is with The Team at Coca-Cola Park to discuss Aaron Nola, and more
  • Kurt Landes

    The President, General Manager at Lehigh Valley Ironpigs, Kurt Landes, talks with The Team about Aaron Nola, The Phillies, The Ironpigs, and more
  • Joe Conklin: Brett Brown

    Joe Conklin joins The Team as Brett Brown
  • Howard Eskin

    Howard Eskin discusses Tastykakes, Aaron Nola, Cole Hamels, The Sixers, Joel Embiid, and more
  • Jerry Rogers

    Executive Chef Jerry Rogers at Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs joins The Team and discusses the variety of foods one can purchase at Coca-Cola Park
  • Billy The Helper

    Joe Conklin joins The Morning Team as Billy The Helper
  • Monday, July 20th
  • Clark's call on Embiid's foot

    John Clark discusses Embiid's injury and the news that his foot has been rebroken.
  • Embiid out again

    Bob Cooney calls in last minute to discuss his story on Joel Embiid's foot being rebroken.
  • Trainwreck's split reviews

    Marc Farzetta and Richard Glaze debate the opposing opinion about recent movie, Trainwreck.
  • Culture comes first?

    Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team discuss the different cultures surrounding different teams.
  • Mayock talks Eagles future

    Mike Mayock talks his new position as a preseason analyst and what the Eagles still have to do to improve.
  • Nola to the Major League

    Angelo and the Mornign Team discuss Aaron Nola's promotion to the Major League.
  • Friday, July 17th
  • Woods at rock bottom

    The Morning Team discusses Tiger Woods's fall from the top and if this is rock bottom for his career.
  • Twitter faux pas

    The Morning Team discusses the Twitter faux pas after Caitlyn Jenner's win at the ESPYS on Wednesday.
  • Philadelphia as a sports market

    Kurt Bettenhausen gives us a financial insight on Philadelphia in the market of sports franchises.
  • Zolecki's call on Phils

    Todd Zolecki discusses comments on Ryne Sandberg and the Phillies for returning for the second half of the season tonight against the Marlins.
  • Winner and Weasal

    Angelo Cataldi reveals his picks for Winner and Weasal of the weeks.
  • Nola not a Philly...yet

    Angelo discusses Aaron Nola possibly not making it to the Phillies this season.
  • Thursday, July 16th
  • Jack McCaffery

    Columnist for the Delco Times, Jack McCaffery, talks with The Team about Phill Sports and more
  • Ed Rendell

    Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, talks with The Team about The Phillies, The Sixers, and more
  • Mitch Williams

    Former Phillies Pitcher Mitch Wiilliams talks with The Team about The Phillies, Jonathan Papelbon, Cole Hamels, and more
  • Hollis Thomas' This Day In History

    Hollis gives his segment about what happened this day in sports and enterntainment history
  • The Amish Market

    The Team broadcasts from The Amish Market in North Wildwood, NJ and talks with future doughnut eating contestants
  • The ESPYS

    The Morning Team talks about the ESPYS, Caitlyn Jenner, Mo'ne Davis, Jordan Spieth, and more
  • Wednesday, July 15th
  • John Kincaide's call

    John Kincaide calls to discuss Donovan McNabb's recent DUI and Jonathan Papelbon's comments after teh All-Star Game.
  • Rebecca Ferguson chats with Cataldi

    Rebecca Ferguson stops in the studio to talk about her new movie, Mission Impossible, with Tom Cruise.
  • G Cobb

    94.1 WIP
  • Davis and Morganti debate hustle

    Ben Davis and Al Morganti debate Ryan Howard's and Miakel Franco lack of hustle in last Sunday's game and all of baseball.
  • Conklin calls as McCarthy

    Joe Conklin calls in to imitate Tom McCarthy this morning.
  • Hometown Hero versus local team in All-Star Game

    Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team discuss the All-Star Game and their thoughts about having no Phillies present.
  • Tuesday, July 14th
  • Ruben Amaro Jr.

    Amaro responds to Jonathan Papelbon's comments
  • Larry Holmes

    One of the greatest boxer Larry Holmes stops in the studio. Keywords- Holmes, boxing