Anne Marie Green

Anne Marie Green

  • Tony

    She is the hottest woman out there. It is her eye’s and her eye make up.

  • Donna McGrath

    As an addendum to the Kevin McGuire story, miracle healer Donna McGrath has offered to heal Kevin of his ALL. See her full bio at Donna McGrath Miracle Healing
    and send a message through facebook.

  • Maguy Israel

    Hi Anne-Marie, It’s Maguy. I met you on the corner of Torresdale Ave while you were reporting on the 42 year old lady’s fatal hit and run. I wake up on Saturday and Sunday to watch you and Carol…& now Ben. You goes make the news so homey with the extra comments. Thanks and take care.

  • David K Ball

    good luck with everything you do

  • joe

    i watch channel 3 news just to see ann marie green.she is a beautiful lady. with hypnotic eyes

  • Rosalie Schack

    I have always enjoyed watching and listening to Ann Marie Green on television. I met Ann Marie once and thought her to be an outstanding interviewer.
    I see that she is going to have a baby and I wish her the very best of everything and hope that she comes back on television after the baby is born. Her station is so lucky to have her there. Bless you Ann Marie!

  • Dan

    what a beauty.

  • Janet Bowden

    Could you help me with the name of the web-site they showed on Tuesday 12/21 it was called something like Zingsale. I was to get the lowest prices on articles???? I searched your entire website and could not fing the correct name.
    I would so appriciate this.

  • david seaberg

    best looking tv anchor , beautiful eyes

  • Debbie

    I am interested too in finding where to purchase the eye las extender

  • Patti

    Where does one purchase that Diva Derm Lash Extender you featured on the late night newsbroadcast of Wednesday, November 24, 2010? I live in the
    Montgomery County area and am interested in purchasing the Diva Derm

  • Gary

    She’s very hot!

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