PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A substitute teacher in the Philadelphia School District has been banned from the district after allegedly hitting several first graders.

The incident happened earlier this month at Sullivan Elementary School in Wissinoming.

Substitute teachers in the district are employees of Kelly Educational Staffing — an outside company.

Police: Driver Inappropriately Touched Student On School Bus He Operated

They issued this statement on the incident:

Kelly Educational Staffing (KES) is concerned when a report of inappropriate behavior is received and we take these matters very seriously. We are currently investigating the alleged incident at Sullivan School and beyond this, I cannot discuss matters specific to an individual.

All KES substitute teachers undergo rigorous screening and background checks and complete thorough training to ensure only the most qualified individuals are placed in front of students.   State and district employment requirements are also followed.

626947fd849a4db681abfde612051270 Substitute Teacher Banned From District After Allegedly Hitting First Graders

Credit: CBS3

The Philadelphia school district also released a statement saying, “Our students safety is our top priority. An investigation was conducted and the substitute teacher in question will never work in our schools again.”


Comments (18)
  1. Mark Nord says:

    Hitting or spanking ,f it was hitting yes it is wrong. If it was disciplinary spanking it is needed. God forbid the little brats got a spanking ,I was one and I got spanked it worked for my generation. Today it is a horrible thing to correct a child and if you do it to a black child it is racism.


  2. This article has all of the earmarks of what we call fake news. No real concrete information. Who are they protecting? Someone like this that can move on to hit other children? Why wasn’t this person prosecuted? Don’t just give us vague news, give us the complete story or don’t give it at all. You don’t have to print a name or show a photograph but if it’s really news we all need to know, tell the complete story instead of bits and pieces. Of course CBS and the other media outlets would never sensationalize something to attract viewers and readers for the money they make on advertising. No that would never happen, right?

  3. No name, no picture, so you know it’s a Black guy.

  4. Frank Muller says:

    Philly is a chocolate mess.

  5. Tim Stewart says:

    Hitting or spanking? There’s a difference.

    1. Paul King says:

      Can anyone tell me about any city or country in the world that is run by blacks? I honestly cannot think of one.

      1. Rob Lynn says:

        Not a successful one anyway.

  6. mdoocey says:

    Why wasn’t the substitute teacher arrested for assault and battery/child abuse? Ban from one school district and show up in the next! Release the name!

  7. Ed Cole says:

    In related news, the Flyers have just signed him up for the playoffs…

  8. Just doing the justifiable swatting that their mammies refuse to do at home.

  9. No mention of her name? Bet it was something like La’Qwanda Bubonica Jackson.

  10. How about Court Order Therapy & if it Happens again; Take the Teachers License Away Permanately Worldwide & Make Sure All Countries know about it as well.

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