PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In standard Philadelphia tradition the Mummers helped successfully ring in another new year in Center City. So, who were the big winners?

Wenches Division:  

  1. Oregon NYA
  2. Bryson NYB
  3. O’Malley NYA

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Comics Division:

  • Club Captain 
    1. Dennis Pellegrino, Murray 
    2. Gary Bishop,  Landi 
    3. Augustine DiBernardo, Good Timers
  • Group – ( Top 3)
  1. Murray,  “We are Instra-Mental”
  2. Murray, “Release the Dragons”
  3. Good Timers, “Making the Bacon”
  • Brigade (Top 3)
  1. 2nd Street Stompers, Good Timers 
  2. B. Love Strutters, Murray
  3. Venetian NYB, Murray 
  • Best Couple (Top 3)
  1. The Case of the Mysterious Mummer, Murray 
  2. Jack in the Box, Murray 
  3. A Couple of Smart Cookies, Murray
  • Original Costume (Top 3)
  1. Trash Bus, Murray
  2. Soda Pop-A-Tack, Murray
  3. Clown-O-Matic Dishwasher, Murray 
  • Original Character (Top 3)
  1. Phone Repairman Goes Mummer, Murray
  2. The Golfer, Murray 
  3. Uncle Fester & Cousin It, Murray 
  • Juveniles (Top 3)
  1. Frankie’s Back, Murray
  2. Me & My Prince, Murray
  3. Miss Barbie-Cue, Murray

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Fancy Division

  • Club
  1. Golden Sunrise
  • Captain
  1. Pirates In Paradise
  • Fancy Trio (Top 3)
  1. Country Jubilee, Golden Sunrise
  2. Luck of the Irish, Golden Sunrise
  3. Bee U Tiful, Golden Sunrise
  • Handsome Costume (Top 3)
  1. Glorious Warrior, Golden Sunrise
  2. Statue of Liberty, Golden Sunrise
  3. Fire Starter, Golden Sunrise
  • Handsome Trim (Top 3)
  1. Bats Out of Hell, Golden Sunrise
  2. The Mighty Elephant, Golden Sunrise
  3. Space Traveler, Golden Sunrise
  • King Jockey (Top 3)
  1. Party Time, Golden Sunrise
  2. In Search of the Holy Grail, Golden Sunrise
  3. Elephant on Parade, Golden Sunrise
  • Trio Pantomime Clown
  1. Water Warriors, Golden Sunrise
  2. Old Time Mummies, Golden Sunrise
  • Juveniles (Top 3)
  1. Magnificent Butterfly, Golden Sunrise
  2. Dragon Fly, Golden Sunrise
  3. America the Beautiful, Golden Sunrise 
  • King Clown
  1. Circus Coming to Town, Golden Sunrise
  2. Tribute to New Orleans, Golden Sunrise

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String Band (Top 3)

  1. South Philadelphia
  2. Quaker City
  3. Woodland


All results were sent directly from the City of Philadelphia and any question should be forwarded directly to the Philadelphia Mummers String Band Association

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