PA Senate Approves Local Police Radar Bill

HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — The state Senate has again sent the House a bill that would see Pennsylvania lose its distinction as the only state in the nation where local police cannot use radar to catch speeders.

After years of trying, supporters got a local police radar bill through the Senate in the last session of the legislature, only to have it die in the House.

On Tuesday, a new bill to authorize local use of radar and lidar sailed through the Senate. The bill is sponsored by Republican Senator Randy Vulakovich.

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“It is well past time we provide our officers with speed enforcement mechanisms,” Vulakovich said. “If you think this bill is going to result in you receiving a ticket, I say to you… slow down.”

Opponents of local police radar in the past have expressed concerns that it could be used as a revenue generating tool for municipalities.

The bill contains a provision limiting the revenue that can be kept by locals, with the excess going to the state. The bill now goes to the House where it remains to be seen if the measure is on a.. fast track


One Comment

  1. James Walker says:

    If approved, local radar will be a money grab racket. It will be used ONLY where the posted limits are improperly and less-safely set at least 10 mph lower than the safest 85t h percentile speed levels. Example: If the slowest 85% of the drivers are at or below 38 to 42 mph, 40 mph is the safest limit to post for the fewest crashes – NOT 35 or 30 or 25. You would find local radar in such a place ONLY if the limit were improperly and less-safely set at 30 or 25. Most tickets would go the safest drivers on that street, the ones around 40 mph which gives them the least risk to be in or to cause a crash. Local radar will be a racket, if approved.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

  2. We already have too many speed traps here, Randy.

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