By Lesley Van Arsdall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Strike workout at Life Time Athletic in King of Prussia is intense and so is its instructor.

“In this class, it’s about bringing out the powerful in you,” instructor Andrea Kozma said. “It’s to motivate you, to prove to yourself you are fierce and most of all, especially for women, that we are strong, because strong is the new sexy and I’m all about the sexy.”

Strike is a mixed martial arts inspired workout that is not only high cardio, but teaches participants self-defense moves with weighted gloves and stick-fighting drills using a weighted bar.

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“Yes, this is a class, but I sometimes think at least I would know what to do, if the need ever arose,” Alexandra Murray of Wayne said. “So, it’s kind of useful as a life skill.”

Amanda Hudzik of Exton said, “[Kozma] teaches you a lot of self-defense moves. And just in general, knowing that you can get through a class like that is empowering.”

There is pain before the gain with the Strike workout and Kozma does not shy away from putting participants through the rigors.

“As a fitness instructor, I always say, ‘Exhaustion is an amazing state of mind,'” she said. “And no one is going to mess with you. No one is going to mess with me!”

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