Wharton School Analysis Finds Problems With Immigration Proposal

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new proposal on immigration would have the opposite effect of what’s intended, according to research by Penn’s Wharton School.

Its analysis finds the proposal’s cuts to legal immigration would hurt the U.S. economy in the long run.

The proposal has been dubbed RAISE, for Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment, but Kim Burham of the Penn Wharton Budget Model says it will actually reduce the number of jobs in the economy.

“In 2027, there will be 1.3 million fewer jobs and by 2040, 4.6 million fewer jobs,” she said.

Burham explains the bill would cut legal immigration by 50%, which means falling population and thus falling national productivity.

“Some of the current population, which includes current immigrants who are living here, will work more but, in the long run, they don’t work enough more to make up for the lost immigrant labor,” Burham said.

The Model has been analyzing immigration scenarios since last year, testing the impact of various proposals.

Burham says it found increasing legal immigration, and increasing the percentage of skilled and educated immigrants, is best for the economy.

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One Comment

  1. “However, we project that the RAISE Act will increase per capita GDP by 0.02 percent by 2027”
    Why didn’t I see that in this news report? Oh, right!

  2. Where is the link to the study?

  3. “In 2027, there will be 1.3 million fewer jobs and by 2040, 4.6 million fewer jobs,” she said.”

    Well, of course, if she means than otherwise would have been. There will be fewer people than there would otherwise have been.

    It’s studies such as this one that cause me to ask: Who benefits if the study is believed?

    1. That mean long unemployment line and a longer line to soup kitchen to get fed with soup like they do back in 1930’s.

  4. So what? We got too many people here and we don’t need wall to wall people that can spread flu and viruses to get more people sick.

    1. The study doesn’t address the downside of keeping immigration high, and the upside of high immigration only benefits the 1%, aka the GDP.
      Moreover, GDP includes food stamps, eitc, medicaid, . . . .

  5. Liars!! Those money-grubbers just want more foreign trash to fill their seats.

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