By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Better Business Bureau is putting out an alert to businesses that someone is sending out unauthorized emails in which the sender is posing as the group.

The Better Business Bureau usually sends out warnings about scammers trying to get personal information through phishing emails.

Now, the organization says someone is using its name, logo, and other identification in emails being sent throughout the region.

The BBB’s Kelsey Owen says businesses especially need to be vigilant.

“The email looks very much like a notice of a complaint from BBB. But it contains links to malware. So we’re really urging people to just not click on any attachments or download any links,” Owen explained.

Owens advises there are clues that the email is fake, things such as misspellings and grammatical errors.

“Make sure you read the email carefully for any kind of signs that it may be fake. In this case, it’s coming from an email that’s not associated with the BBB. Our BBB email address is usually from a ‘.org’,” she said.

Owens adds, like the IRS, if there’s a legitimate complaint, the organization usually sends that through the mail.

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