By Cleve Bryan

EVESHAM TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS)–There’s an old saying in law enforcement that people need police and police need K-9’s.

Evesham Officer Joseph Czyzewski and his K-9 “Moose” have only been partners for 7 months but they’re already best friends.

“It’s the greatest thing in the world knowing that I have a partner with me at all times and at any point I can press a button and he can pop out and he can come and help me,” says Czyzewski.

In the coming months they’ll become narcotics certified putting Moose at the frontline of combating the opioid epidemic.

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“God forbid if there was a lose powder of heroin or cocaine or some type of narcotics that he gets exposed to,” worries Czyzewski.

Since police K-9’s face such high risk of exposure to drugs the Evesham Police Department found Evzio, a product that can deliver Narcan (naloxone) to dogs.

Officials say the usual Narcan nasal spray is ineffective on dogs, so they’ve acquired small kits that deliver an injection of Naloxone that could stop a dog from dying.

“If a dog does overdose every K9 unit has one of these in their car. They’ll be able to go right to their glove box and get it out,” says Lt. Joseph Friel, who worked with the Chief Christopher to research products to prevent K-9’s from overdosing.

Heroin Epidemic: Philly Residents Deliver Jar Of Needles To City Officials

The automated kits would normally cost around $4,000 a piece but the Overdose Prevention Agency Corp in Hamilton, NJ donated 4 kits to Evesham.

They’re now one of the region’s first police departments to acquire Narcan for K-9’s,and they expect others to follow.


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