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GEORGIA (CBS) — A missing dog in Georgia may have just wanted an opportunity to get on TV.

When the Rumley family’s dog ran off on Tuesday, it was the latest heartbreak for the family.

Will Rumley’s wife and the mother of his two young boys had recently passed away from a brain tumor. A local TV station was interviewing the family about their lost dog — when the unthinkable happened!

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“The dog wasn’t scratching at the door or anything like that… And there he is!” exclaimed Will Rumley after spotting his dog while being interviewed. “He just showed up… Awesome! You have to get this on tape. While we were talking, he showed up.”

Officials say their dog, “Judo” must have been frightened by fireworks on the Fourth of July.

They encourage anyone who lost a pet during fireworks to check with their local animal shelter.

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