CAPE MAY COUNTY, N.J. (CBS)—The Cape May County Zoo’s Siberian Tiger named “Rocky”  has died, officials have announced.

The passing was announced on the Cape May County Government Facebook page.

“Rocky led a long healthy life and delighted millions of visitors to the Zoo. After a battle with Cancer in 2014, multiple surgeries and 6 months of Chemotherapy he was cancer free. It wasn’t until recently that he experienced some health issues.”

Rocky recently started having difficulties with his hips and hind legs. Officials say the bones in his hind legs deteriorated over a very short time and he experienced difficulty walking late last week.

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After thorough examinations, it was determined that the combined effects of a degenerative condition in his spine, osteoarthritis in his hips and complications from the multiple surgeries in his right hind leg were greatly impacting his quality of life.

Rocky, who was born in 2001, has greeted millions of visitors at the zoo since 2002, when he arrived from Jacksonville, NJ.

He was buried in the Zoo Courtyard next to Numar, the lion.

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