PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  We’re like small tiny bugs walking around no their made out of sticks their pretend really.

Look out bug lovers! Here’s the dirt on the Tyler Arboretum’s new exhibit: David Rogers’ Big Bugs!

David Rogers is an artist in Long Island who had this brainstorm in 1993.

Big Bugs are all about a big message about these tiny creatures that have an enormous role in the natural world.

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Follow the trails and find 10 larger than life insects in their natural habitat!

Like enormous ants marching in at 25 feet long! Or an 18-foot-long praying mantis!

Praying mantis eat their prey head first and the wives eat their husbands , so maybe we should see something else.

You’ll see a 12-foot-wide dragonfly amidst a marshy pond. Woo dragonfly!

And more giant sized bugs!

From the creepy to the captivating!

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You will see the assin bug. And the assin bug has a very large spike that it uses to stab its prey and inject poison.

Each one is beautifully crafted, they’re great entertainment because its so much fun to watch these creatures in our landscape.

It is a wonderful way to understand the connection of bugs and the environment they come from.

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