By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local school gets a jump-start in its efforts to help get their students in better shape.

The Sacred Heart school won the $20 K grand prize Smart from the Start Award from the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation and Discovery Education.

“Honestly, I was completely shocked, said Cheryl Heatwool-Shank the Montessori lead teacher at Sacred Heart. “I didn’t really think that I would have a chance at the grand prize in a national competition.”

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20170615 101620 Camden School Wins Grant For Fighting Childhood Obesity

(credit: Justin Udo)

She wrote the winning action plan that focus’ on eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and incorporating more physical activity in and out of the classroom.

“We’re hoping to invest in some equipment here that could be used by our class as well as the rest of the school and even other children in the neighborhood,” she said.

She also says they’re also going to use the grant to get food preparation equipment to help expose kids to different healthy options they can have in their diet.

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