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By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The blistering heat and humidity can make it pretty tough to stay outside for any extended period of time.

So when you’re inside of a school that has limited air conditioning and fans like Kensington High School, that heat could become unbearable.

Orlando is a freshman at Kensington high.

“It was blazing. I couldn’t handle it,” he said. “I was sweating. I hate sweat. I was like ill.”

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“It was so hot,” said fellow freshman Leticia. “It’s scorching in there. It’s like sitting next to a heater in the winter time. It’s scorching.”

Many students at Kensington high say they are happy the district let them out at noon because they don’t think they could have made it until their regular dismissal time.

“It feels so much better coming outside of the school and not being in there,” said one student.

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A half day of school means a whole day of fun for some students, but many say, they are just looking for the best option to beat the heat.

“It’s super-hot outside, so I’m going to stay inside all day, because I have an A.C,” added another student. “So I’m just going to be cool and chill.

These students say they do not care for the intense heat, but say they would not mind if they have a few more of these early dismissals before the end of the school year.

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