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By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Science and technology has created the ability to make tattoos talk.

It looks like an ordinary tattoo, but a different kind of body ink is bringing memories to life in a new way.

Misty Hoover got a tattoo which carries a special message.

“’I love you, mommy,’ from my little girl, Lilly,” said Hoover.

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It’s a sound-wave tattoo – body art that talks.

It works through the Skin Motion app or website and a specialized tattoo artist.

“You take a picture with our app,” said Nate Siggard of Soundwave Tattoos. “We process the tattoo and we make it so the app can play it back.”

The majority of requests have been from people hoping to preserve the memory of a loved one, like Josh Gallner.

“Every morning, 100 percent, I start my day with it,” said Gallner.

He plays the voice of his father who passed away two years ago.

It’s a recording of his dad talking about his long battle with cancer.

“You absolutely have to believe and once you have that belief and desire you can conquer anything,” the dad said in the recording.

“It’s his best advice he gives to how to survive not only cancer, but life,” said Gallner.

It’s advice he now carries with him always, with the help of what’s called audible ink.

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The Skin Motion app is scheduled to be released this month. There is no word on the cost yet.

The company is in the process of training tattoo artists.

The audio message will have to be limited to one minute.

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