Police: Chipotle Restaurant Raided After Employees Sell Drugs To Undercover Cops

RADNOR, Pa. (CBS) — Three people are in custody after a Chipotle restaurant in Radnor was raided by police Wednesday morning.

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Radnor Police Superintendent Bill Colarulo told Eyewitness News that the restaurant on the 300 block of East Lancaster Avenue has been under surveillance after undercover officers were able to make multiple drug purchases from employees at the Chipotle.

Police say the drug bust happened after an employee allegedly tried to sell a half-pound of marijuana to undercover officers for $975.

“My narcotics investigators found information that there were employees here selling marijuana,” Colarulo said.

Police took into custody 22-year-old Robert Lane, 24-year-old Kydeem-Amad Shoatz, and 23-year-old Briana Davis.

Lane was arraigned on numerous drug charges, while Shoatz faces charges as a co-conspirator.

The investigation lasted weeks as court documents show undercover officers bought marijuana from Lane multiple times. Lane allegedly carried the drugs on him and made the transaction outside.

“On the past purchases, the employee would come out of the store with the marijuana on his person which indicates he had it on his person while he was handling food,” Colarulo said.

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Township health inspectors also found drug paraphernalia in the bathroom toilet sink and numerous health code violations in the restaurant.

“Our health inspectors are going through it. The conditions are not very good that we’re finding right now. We think there are some serious health concerns,” said Radnor Township Manager Robert Zienkowski.


Police: Chipotle Restaurant Raided After Employees Sell Drugs To Undercover Cops

Credit: CBS3

At the time of the bust, Paddy McNamera was having lunch in the packed restaurant.

“Next thing you know that side door opened and there was a cop who came in waving his arms, saying, ‘Everybody get out. Pick up your food, get out now.'”



This is the fourth restaurant in Radnor that has been busted for allegedly selling drugs. The other three were McDonald’s, Season’s Pizza and a bartender at Estia Taverna.



One Comment

  1. In Colorado: Marijuana store raided after employees sell burito’s to Cops!

  2. Rich Bye says:

    The toilet water tank fillled with garbage proves that not only are drugs are being sold out of the restaurant, but there are complete idiots using the bathroom

  3. Fred Tournay says:

    What? Taco Bell is no longer the place to buy marijuana?

  4. Fascinating….Illegal criminals inundate our country, muslime jihadist kill Americans at will, murders on the streets (like Chicago) by the hundreds and what does law enforcement focus on……petty sale of reefer. If you ever wonder what’s wrong with law enforcement in this nation I can put it into one word……..PRIORITY !

  5. jbrickley says:

    Hmm, get your munchies and drugs at the same place. How convenient! Food with Integrity and Local Grower Support Initiative. Wonder if that MJ was locally grown and sourced using organic farmers and no insecticides nor chemical fertilizers. That toilet photo, since when are juice and milk cartons drug paraphernalia?

  6. Joe Boltonn says:

    Chipoltle Finally sells something uncontaminated by salmonella & listeria…

  7. Tom Ronson says:

    I hope they check the idiots working in this restaurant. Chipotle likes to hire illegal trash from south of the border, since they work real cheap.
    I’d bet at least several of the employees in this restaurant are illegal.

  8. How many illegal aliens did they catch? Was the manager arrested?

  9. James Cygnus says:

    LOL. When I read the headline on Drudge (which is the EXACT same used here) I instantly thought: “Hmmm.. Oakland, Chicago, Baltimore, Philly or Atlanta?”

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner…

  10. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Yay way to go coppers saving the world from potheads. Don’t bother looking for murderers, robbers, illegals, or terrorists. We are all much safer now that you brought down a plant no one in known history has died from! Bravo… what’s next issuing speeding, parking tickets, maybe some jaywalkers could be tazed.

    1. Mike Burns says:

      You sure sound like an a-hole. “No one ever died from marijuana”…oh yeah ? How about the puke guy in NJ who was driving while stoned and ran into a parked station wagon killing seven people when the wagon burst into flames .If a stoner hits me while he or she is driving, if able I will extract justice befoer the cops arrive with my Louiville Slugger.

      1. Steve Galla says:

        What state is Louiville in?

      2. Hogart Club says:

        IF that’s accurate (doubt it)
        than alcohol should be a
        kills many millions more !!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Lying pothead, but you’re too stoned to realize it.

  11. Pepto Bismol is an Illicit Drug?

  12. Charlie Doe says:


  13. Is Chipolte choom as good as Chopolte salsa?

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