Teens Arrested In Attack On Mentally Challenged Man In Philadelphia

By Alicia Nieves and David Spunt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—Germantown residents are outraged after video shows a group of kids attacking a man who police say is mentally challenged.

Authorities in Philadelphia discovered the video on Monday night after it surfaced on Facebook.

On Tuesday, police say they arrested four of the individuals seen punching the man and laughing–even clapping at whole ordeal.

“There’s no rhyme or reason. It appears, One could think it’s for kicks and giggles by sick minded people in this case juveniles,” said police

Charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangerment are pending against all the juveniles involved in this attack.

Now authorities are connecting some of the teens in the video to another attack in Germantown that left a principal injured.

“There are some individuals that involved in this incident are also involved in that incident,” police said. “We are looking at similarities with this incident, relating to the assault on the principal.

Philly Principal Attacked With Brick During After School Brawl

In that incident, official say the principal at Edwin Fitler Elementary School was attempting to break up a fight when he was attack with a brick .

“They kept coming up towards him. I mean what was he supposed to do? Leave his children? No principal is going to leave his children in harms way. You go down with your ship,” said Dr. Robin Cooper, president of Commonwealth Association of School Administrators Local 502.

The principal is recovering  after receiving eight stitches to the eye.

Anyone with information on either incident is asked to call police at 215-686-TIPS.


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  1. Helen Smith says:

    I feel like jail time is just going to make these kids even harder. Kids like this need to be in the Big Brother Program as part of their sentencing. And something that gets them working every day after school to get them off the streets. Maybe require them to do community service until they graduate high school at a place for victims of assault Monday through Friday after school and on Saturdays require them to attend youth violence counseling along with being paired with a Big Brother. I’m not sure if you can get through to kids like this but jail isn’t going to help them at all sadly and neither is juvenile probation.

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