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By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two members of the Phillies took time out of their Friday to address students at Kensington High School.

Andres Blanco and Odubel Herrera felt right at home with their predominantly spanish-speaking audience.

Front row seats were reserved for members of the school baseball team, but the message went beyond the white lines.

Blanco told the students if you want to succeed in anything, you must be driven and motivated.

img 7185 Phillies Players Address Students At Kensington High School

Blanco posing for photos with fans. (credit: Paul Kurtz)

“Practice every single day. It’s hard, it’s tough, but that’s why I’m here. I want to be the best. I know what I want. I want to be the best. If you like something, do it right,” he said.

And prepare to handle adversity, something Blanco and Herrera are dealing with on a daily basis these days.

“We play every day, practice every day, and you lose every day, at some point you get both mental and body fatigue. So we just gotta push up each other,” Herrera said.

Principal Renato Lajara arranged the visit in hopes of showing the student body that there is a way out of poverty.

“Home run? Oh, absolutely. Grand slam! A lot of kids were very excited,” he said. “You could hear from the questions they really wanted to get the motivating talk from the players. You know, ‘what is it that I need to do to get better and to be where you are and fill your shoes when I get older.'”

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