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Study: Lack Of Sleep Makes People Less Attractive

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new study finds that lack of sleep makes people less attractive.

The Independent reports that Stockholm University researchers conducted the study among 25 participants. They were first asked to get plenty of sleep for two consecutive nights, and then a week later, to sleep only four hours a night for two nights.

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Researchers took makeup-free photos of the participants after both sessions and asked 122 men and women to rate their attractiveness, sleepiness, health and trustworthiness.

The Independent reports that those who looked at the participants’ photos after only four hours of sleep, they thought they were less attractive, less healthy, less trustworthy and would not socialize with them.

“Sleep-deprived individuals also look less healthy, and humans, like many other animals, tend to be disease avoidant,” the study reads, according to The Independent.

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The study was published in the Royal Society Open Science Journal.


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