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Philadelphia (CBS) – Beth Grossman, the Republican candidate for District Attorney in Philadelphia, appeared on the Rich Zeoli Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, saying she hope’s to gain the support of the city’s police officers and earn their union’s endorsement.

“Hopefully, they will reach out to me. Hopefully, I will have a chance to speak with them. Maybe they’ll reach out to Mr Krasner. I do not know…I’ve worked for 21 and a half years with police officers. I’ve dealt with victims for 21 and a half years in the DA’s office. Philadelphians deserve a good quality of life. They deserve a high degree of public safety and, listen, there are more good police officers than bad ones. That’s the reality of it.”

Grossman stated her resume is much better suited to serve the residents of Philadelphia as District Attorney than her Democratic opponent, Larry Krasner, who’s career has been spent as a defense attorney.

“I am a prosecutor. I have experience. Mr Krasner has never prosecuted a case. He has defended cases. There is a distinct difference. I have enormous respect for the defense bar, while it seems like he is demonstrating he has no respect for the prosecutorial side. One of my passions is, of course, we’re going to prosecute crimes where there are direct victims of crime and champion their rights, but the other thing that I’ve done for eight years in the DA’s office, as chief of the Public Nuisance Task Force, is also deal with quality of life issues. So people in the neighborhoods understand that the DA’s office is just not this prosecutorial office, but also serves as a resource.”

She also indicated she would support a review of Philadelphia’s civil asset forfeiture laws, which have been criticized as being among the harshest in the country.

“It is the state law in Pennsylvania right now. The legislature, at this point, had rejected it to changing it to require a criminal conviction. But listen, I am open to looking at reforms for it and changing the approach of it…The law, especially criminal, is a pendulum and it swings back and forth. You need to look at things differently…Maybe things need to be changed in a more streamlined, fair manner, for asset forfeiture. That’s fine. I’m happy to take a look at that.”

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