By Rich Zeoli

Philadelphia (CBS) – On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Rich Zeoli objected to a bill proposed in New Jersey that would require pool service contractors to be licensed by the state.

Zeoli said he envisions no role for the government in determining the qualifications of people hired to maintain your pool.

“Let’s see now, the law specifies that an applicant seeking licensure to engage in pool or spa service contracting shall be of good moral character. Listen, I don’t need you to be moral to drain my pool. I just need you to have a good hose.”

Zeoli stated he doesn’t think this service rises to the level of state licensing and joked about the consequences of what could happen if the service technician did not have the proper certification.

“I think a doctor should be licensed and a dentist. I don’t know who else really needs to be licensed. I’m trying to think of a list here…What if you do the hose in the wrong direction? Then the water goes back into the pool and floods the pool? Are you certified? Where does the water go?”

Zeoli wants consumers to be the determining factor, and not the state of New Jersey, in which companies survive in the pool servicing market.

“Allow people to make the choice on their own whether they want their pool guy licensed or not…In other words, they could certify you, but if you don’t want somebody certified because you don’t give a damn, you don’t go down that road. It’s different than the state mandating a license. The pool association could offer a certification and I could go, hey, I’m a certified pool drainer versus a licensed by the state pool drainer and then the consumer makes that decision. That’s a fascinating compromise. We’ll see if Gov. Christie goes along with that.”

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