HOUSTON (CBS) — We’ve all seen graduations where someone writes “hi mom” on a cap or “dances” while getting their diploma.

But a graduate in Texas is in a bind — for bringing his pet python to the ceremony.

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Texas Southern University graduate Denzel Young decided to bring his 3-year-old ball python to his graduation ceremony.

It was wrapped around his arm, partially hidden by his gown.

“It’s my graduation so I’m doing what I wanna do,” said Young jokingly. “So I’m bringing it and that’s what I ended up doing.”

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One of the grads near young couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I think Al Green was still giving his speech and we were like, ‘that’s a snake right there…is that real?'” said Danielle Motley, who took a picture of the snake. “And it moved and we relized it was real then.”

The university says only service animals are allowed at graduation and that young must have hidden the snake under his graduation gown to get it in.

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