By Joseph Santoliquito

PHILADELPHIA, Pa (CBS) — The boot looks more like a moon shoe than something used to stabilize an Achilles tendon. It comes off of Sidney Jones’ left foot on Sunday, May 21, and the Eagles’ second-round draft choice can’t wait.

Jones, a 6-foot, 186-pound cornerback out of Washington who was projected to be a first-round pick until he ruptured the Achilles tendon in his left leg during his pro day, admits he’s a very impatient person. So he braved the first day of the Eagles’ three-day rookie minicamp standing on the sideline trying to absorb everything he could from the helmet-only portion of the program.

“It was good to see the guys go,” Jones said. “I’m feeling good and follow the protocol on the schedule. It’s my first time every sitting out for this amount of time and it’s definitely frustrating. You just take the mental reps and take things in that way. We’re just taking it day-by-day and follow the protocol from there.

“I feel I’ll definitely (be the same player he was in college). My work ethic, I know myself and that hungry mentally will just me to be the best. I’m doing something to get better every day. I’m rehabbing every day. Lifting and getting stronger every day. I want to get my mobility back and correctly. I’m doing toe curls, toe crunches, and a whole bunch of other stuff.”

When asked about a report that came out stating Jones would be ready to play in October, Jones smirked, and said, “I don’t know where that came from, and I don’t think that’s a credible source. Your whole staff and myself will come back and take it slowly. Everyone is being cautious. No one wants to rush me back and see a re-injury occur from this.”

In the meantime, Jones said he will compensate for the missing time with film study and the eye test, watching the ‘dos and ‘don’ts’ of what his fellow rookies are doing on the field.

He does admit the waiting will be the hardest part.

“It’s very testing,  especially today in the defensive meeting room, just watching the film and it was kind of burning me inside not being able to play and everyone being coaches up and I’m not being coached up,” Jones said. “I have to watch the other guys do stuff. You learn patience going through this.”

Jones, who said he will be going back to Washington to rehab, feels a big plus during this rookie minicamp has been getting to know Eagles’ third-round pick Rasul Douglas, a cornerback out of West Virginia, in a short amount of time.

“That’s going to be my guy for the next four years, maybe more,” Jones said. “We’re going to help each other out through this whole process, if I miss something, he’s going to help me. I asked him a whole bunch of questions today, and he’s asked me to watch him on the field to see what he can improve on. It’s a good process to learn from each other.

“The next step is looking forward to walking without this boot. That will be the next step in my recovery process. That’s what I’m looking forward to next. Every incoming rookie has to prove that they’re worthy to be in this league. I want to earn the trust and respect of my fellow teammates. That’s a big goal for me. Just proving I’m worthy.”


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