Gov. Wolf Focused On Medical Marijuana Over Recreational, For Now

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Governor Wolf is not ready to jump on the cannabis bandwagon, even though Pennsylvania voters are warming to the idea of legalizing marijuana, based on a new poll.

The Governor acknowledges a majority of folks, 56%, polled by Franklin and Marshall are in favor of legalizing marijuana.

“Yeah, I think the attitudes of the people are evolving. We have a democracy, and the state has to go in sync with the attitudes of the people,” said Wolf.

Just two years ago, 54% of respondents in a similar poll were opposed to legalizing pot.

The state Auditor General recently made a push to legalize and tax recreational marijuana, but Governor Wolf says his priority is focusing on Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana bill that he signed into law.

“By late this year, or early 2018, that should all be in place. We’re trying to do that right, and I’m really focused on that,” Wolf said.

The governor does support decriminalization of possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana.

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  1. Mike Zac says:

    The senseless delay of legalizing recreational marijuana just does not make any sense whatsoever, especially when it is inevitably going to be legal for recreational use anyway. Pennsylvania could be generating copious amounts of money through taxation. Ridding potentially harmful black market sales with safer dispensary products. What are you afraid of Governor Wolfe? Success? Helping Pennsylvanians? Securing a second term as Governor. He who hesitates is lost.

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