PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Reacting to the surprising decision of Donald Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey, former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 that critics are mistaken if the think the incoming Acting Director will not aggressively pursue any current investigation regarding Trump, his campaign or Russian interference in last year’s presidential election.


“The Acting Director now is a presumptive Democrat, Jim McCabe, whose wife ran for the state Senate in Virginia. [Virginia Governor] Terry McAuliffe gave her $700,000 of campaign cash. He was in her political literature, and that sort of thing. That’s who the acting Director is. So, if anybody thinks that Donald Trump is, somehow, going to get a break from the Acting Director of the FBI because Comey is gone, there’s no basis to think that.”

He stated the next move the administration makes will be crucial in how this decision is evaluated and called out White House officials, specifically Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, for bungling a series of legislative and personnel decisions.

White House: FBI Director James Comey Has Been Fired

“You need someone who both is capable, and that includes their ability and willingness to be independent, but, two, also has the appearance. I hate to lean very much on appearances, but under these circumstances, and the White House, to certain extent, has brought this on themselves with the timing and complete lack of a roll out of this decision. Come on, Reince, where are you? This is a repeated management error within the White House.”

However, Cuccinelli dismissed the criticism that erupted on cable news stations in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s decision.

“It was a bit nauseating to listen to all of these commentators who have never been in an investigation, have never managed an organization that has run investigations, telling the whole world that they know what they’re talking about when every single one of them is, at least if you’re going to bloviate, bloviate accurately.”

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