Survey Says 87-Percent Of NFL Players In Support Of Medical Marijuana

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Is it time for the NFL to embrace medical marijuana? The players say yes.

152 National Football League players were surveyed by — an online medical marijuana marketplace — CEO Brad McLaughlin, and 87 percent say they believe the NFL should allow medical marijuana as a treatment option for players in states where it’s legalized.

89 percent of players believe that medical marijuana could be used effectively to treat pain.

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Currently, according to, 91-percent of current and former NFL players take opiate-based painkillers.

The NFL is very strict with their policy on marijuana, often suspended and/or fining players for failing or missing a drug test.


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  1. Robert, you proceed based on a false assumption; that people care what you think of their cannabis use. Don’t like cannabis, don’t use it. It’s really that simple.

    1. That’s true. Did the NFL players know that?

    2. I don’t use it either and you were smart. I remember when my parent, my sister and I went to Tower Theater to see John Waite and the Baby in Upper Darby and the theater allowed smoking. When the concert started, people lit up and I knew it wasn’t cigarette, it was pot laced with something and sat there almost two hours, trying to breathe. when the concert’s over. We developed a severe headaches and got sick after. I saw a flash in front of my eyes while running a sweeper in my sister’s room. How can anyone put stuff in the pot and put hard in their bodies as well as someone who breathes second hand smoke and they want to legalize medical pot? Any one can get prescription ( stolen or crooked doctors who want to make extra dollars) . Too much corruption in the world today by worshipping money instead of God. Sad!

  2. Hey, I don’t approve of medical pot and majority of players who support the medical pot are %^%@###& POTHEAD WHO STAY HIGH ALL THE TIME.

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