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By Don Bell

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s the photo-op of a lifetime.

The commish calls your name, then you give him a bear-hug and for the first time in your life you pose with a professional jersey with your name on the back.

But making that picture perfect moment takes more effort than you think.

“It’s quick, I give a lot of credit to our partners at Nike who are ready to go to screen that name on there whenever that name is called,” said Peter O’Reilly, the NFL’s Senior VP of Events, “They are ready to put that on there, even if there’s a trade. You gotta be nimble in this stuff.”

Here’s what he means.

Each team has a different font, so there are 32 different versions of each prospects name.

Once the player is picked, they have to match it to the jersey. All within about a minute.

“They’ve also got every hat size for each of the prospects on every team, and you’ve gotta make sure that that fitted New Era cap fits when it goes out to the stage. So a lot of moving parts you might not see normally behind the scenes of the draft,” O’Reilly explained.

Speaking of behind the scenes, each team allows a season-ticket holder to hand deliver the jersey to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Gailmarie Wehmeyer, a bowling teacher in Northeast Philly, will do the honors.

How long has she been an eagles fan?

“Since I was 12 years old, which was 1961, now that I told my age,” said Wehmeyer.

Gailmarie is ready for the opportunity of a life-time. Her daughter nominated her for the job.

“It was a complete surprise. And overwhelming, and completely overwhelming. Everybody in the Eagles organization has been great so far. I’m looking forward to next week,” she said.

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