Lou Dobbs: Trump Keeping His Promise With ‘Hire American’ Executive Order

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Cable news host Lou Dobbs praised Donald Trump after his executive order directing the federal government to prioritize the hiring of American employees and the purchase of American products, telling Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that this shows Trump is keeping a key campaign promise.


“Some of the most highly trained employees in the country are losing jobs, particularly within technology, because of the easy arbitrage of labor costs..But these are some of the most important promises he could possibly keep, that is American first. Hiring America, buy America and put our middle class, which is struggled now for 40 years, has shrunk almost every year, since the mid-70’s and it is time to right these wrongs.”

Dobbs said it is time to hold corporations responsible for their hiring practices and to do something to rescue the middle class from a consistent decline.

“It is a message, it is a meme, it is propaganda that is going to be paid for and further pursued by corporate America because this is a collision in the national income account of the country. We can no longer afford to be able to say the one percent. We don’t have the ability to say that it’s ok to dwindle, to squeeze, to crush our working men and women in the middle class.”

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