By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you love LEGO, then Oaks, Pennsylvania is the place to be this weekend.

“Brick Fest Live is a LEGO fan experience that we’re bringing back to Philadelphia where it all started,” says the event’s founder, Chad Collins, “so whether you’re young or young at heart, walking into the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, you’re going to have your mind absolutely blown with all the LEGO creations that we have.”

brickfestlive towns Ultimate LEGO Festival Returns To Philly: Going To Have Your Mind Blown

(Credit: Brick Fest Live)

One of the highlights, he says, is getting to see LEGO cities and towns come to life:

“Imagine if you ever wanted that LEGO room in your house and what that might look like. That is basically what’s going to be on display as soon as you walk in the venue. And this year we actually included a lot more elements to the show that bring the fandom of LEGO and all of the themes LEGO has and bring them into real life.”

That includes a Batmobile (from LEGO Batman Movie), Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and a Back to the Future DeLorean time machine…all in both LEGO and real life form.

Then there’s the local section…

“We always try to have a couple of tables dedicated just for Philadelphia,” Collins says. “In fact, we have builders come in and compete for awards in certain categories and one of the categories this year is the best Philadelphia-themed creation.”

As if all these creations aren’t enough, Collins says there’s an entire hands-on area at the festival as well:

brickfestlive brick pit Ultimate LEGO Festival Returns To Philly: Going To Have Your Mind Blown

(Credit: Brick Fest Live)

“We have giant LEGO ‘Brick Pits’ filled with hundreds of thousands of bricks for you to build until your heart’s content. We have mosaic building stations, derby racetracks where you can build a car and race it, and this year we’re unveiling one of our brand new hands-on activities that we’re calling our ‘Glow Zone’.”

That’s where you build your own creations that shine under a black light in what Collins calls a “really cool experience.”

And if you think this event is just for the kids, Collins says think again:

“The great thing about LEGO is the LEGO they sell today is compatible with the LEGO they sold 20-30 years ago, and what we see a lot of are parents getting all nostalgic about the LEGO creations they see. So they actually have as much, or sometimes more fun, than the LEGO fan they thought they were bringing to the show because of the experience they get to have with the family.”

Brick Fest Live takes place April 22nd and 23rd. For more information or to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE.


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