By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A conversation held Wednesday evening at a Center City law firm focused on how Philadelphia can become a national leader in prison reform and reentry.

After spending six years in prison Glenn Martin decided to dedicate his life to speaking on behalf of people still incarcerated.

“I’ve been investing in helping other Americans understand how mass incarceration has affected individuals, and families, indeed entire communities,” Martin said, “and mostly working to create a more criminal fair justice system.”

On Wednesday evening, Martin sat down with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney to discuss what the city can do to help people leaving incarceration readjust to society.

“There are concrete programs and investments that need to be made to have a more fair criminal justice system in Philly and have more re-entry programs available,” Martin said.

Mayor Kenney says his administration is taking steps to help people become successful when they return to city.

“Working on bail reform,” the mayor said. “Working on issues that keep people incarnated when they don’t need to be.”

Kenney says the city already has a program that hires returning citizens as seasonal workers and eventually makes them full-time employees.

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