Aviation Attorney Believes United Airlines Violated Its Own Contract

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – United Airlines says it needed more seats to fly four crew members to Louisville and that is why they removed a passenger from their flight.

Video Of Passenger Getting Dragged Off United Flight Sparks Uproar 

The cell phone videos of officers forcibly dragging a passenger from his seat have caused a social media uproar. So, did they make the right call?

Aviation attorney Arthur Wolk says he read all 45 pages of United’s Contract of Carriage and he believes the airline violated its own contract.

“I want to assure United Airlines they had absolutely no right to remove that man from the airplane. Absolutely no right to forcibly remove him from an airplane. They’re in trouble.”

Wolk says the United incident reflects a general attitude some airlines have about their customers.

Because of consolidation and less competition, he says airlines have no incentives to treat customers fairly.

He says a lawsuit by the United passenger dragged from the plane may be a start.

“My advice would be make a change in the way passengers are treated, file your lawsuit. Financial recovery is secondary.”

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According to Wolk, airlines can deny you a seat, but once you’re on board that’s a different story.

But, could that passenger be considered unruly?

“That would be a stretch. I would tell you that,” he said. “If they tried that case in front of a jury, they would lose 100 percent of the time.”


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  1. Barbara Tee says:

    PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS, if you are in any Political groups, if you KNOW ANY LAWYERS – my idea is, if it gets beyond my small circle, SOMEONE IN THE LEGAL COMMUNITY WILL PASS IT ON to the guy that is SUING UNITED – I don’t know how to reach him directly. Lawyer Tom Demetrio. Also this needs to go out ASAP – BEFORE THEY CAN DESTROY THE EVIDENCE! The confiscated cell-phone…. I don’t think this young lady KNOWS what she has, here. She has posted on the Internet, so I have no qualms about passing on her name – and an organization she might be traced thru – that’s all I know about her. Get this out there if you can think of any other good places it should go!

    There is A NEW EYE-WITNESS who is, apparently, not known yet to Dr. Dao’s lawyers. It appears that DOCTOR DAO MIGHT HAVE BEEN TASERED. That would explain his HIGH-PITCHED SCREAMS which are TYPICAL of people being TASERED, I’ve seen and heard it in other videos! Also his PARALYSIS, that he had to be DRAGGED…. I am NOT BUYING IT that his injuries, brain damage so bad he can’t remember anything, smashed nose and smashed sinuses, facial bleeding – that that came from “bumping into” an airplane ARMREST? Those things are made of HARD PLASTIC, not of lead – and, for safety’s sake, they are smoothed and padded…..
    Please help CIRCULATE this – it should of course GO TO DR. DAO’S FAMILY AND LAWYERS.

    Michelle Raines
    Michelle Raines2 days ago
    I was making a connecting United flight in the same airport when this happened and videotaped one of the 3 Chicago aviation cops Trying to taser this Asian doctor after him and the 2
    others knocked him out and dragged him off of united flight # 3411 in the terminal but the same Chicago aviation cop confiscated my I phone 5C. Then told me I would be arrested for
    interfering with their ongoing investigation unless I went ahead boarded my flight or else to Washington D.C at once!( he was a foot taller then me about) Since he had just assaulted this united passenger I was in fear
    for my personal safety and was thinking I was next. I will skip dealing with flying United ever again and will tell my co-workers at LogistiCare Solutions to do the same since this
    was for a business trip for a convention I had to be at last week in the Chicago, IL area! This same Chicago aviation cop refused to give me his name and badge number at all!

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