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PHILADELPHIA (CNN) — Remember Kaden Newton? You know, the kid boss of the food pantry-stuffing non-profit, Mac & Cheese and Pancakes!

His two-month-old empire already included a thousand pound castle of Kellogg’s, but as a man of the people, even that was donated Monday.

“I was so sad, but I was so happy,” he said, holding out that second ‘so’ a full five seconds.

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Since February, Kaden’s collected an astounding 26,000 pounds of kid-friendly food for one simple reason:

“Feeding other kids makes me feel really good,” Newton said.

Let’s put that 13-ton treasure in perspective.

Have you seen the Dallas Zoo’s baby elephant, Ajabu?

Based on his last reported weight of 700 pounds, It would take more than 37 of him to balance the scale!

Just as cool, they delivered more than four of Ajabu’s weight in food (about 3,000 lbs.) Monday alone.

The Rockwall seven-year-old and his team made deliveries to the Dallas Bethlehem Center and Wilkinson Center Monday afternoon, bringing his donation total to ten different pantries, some of them more than once.

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“He obviously understands that, to the extent that he can partner with areas like ours, ultimately it does impact his neighborhood and impact our society,” Bethlehem Center Executive Director Billy Lane said.

Want to help him increase his donation totals? You can donate to the cause, or you can vote.

Barbara’s Bakery has a Kidtrepreneur contest going: 1st Price $10,000.

And with Mac & Cheese and Pancakes having official non-profit status, Kaden wouldn’t keep a cent of it.

You can get on Barbara’s Bakery’s Facebook page and vote every day through this Friday, April 14.

Ajabu would do it!

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