DALLAS, Tex. (CBS) — Robots are taking over more jobs in the world…including mowing the lawn.

A Dallas, Texas lawn care company named Robin has 50 robotic lawn mowers in use so far, with plans to roll out 50 to 100 more every month.

“We’ve been running a lawn care business for the last two years. It’s grown very quickly to 6,000 customers,” said co-founder and CEO Justin Crandall. “We see this as an opportunity to create a more reliable experience for our customers. You’re paying us just like you’d pay any other landscaper. We’re fulfilling a service. It just happens to be delivered by these robots.”

The lawn mower works a lot like the Roomba, the well-known robotic vacuum cleaner. It methodically winds its way around your grass, minding the wire fence that surrounds a property, like the vacuum would navigate around walls, making sure it gets every part of the lawn.

“When the robot is approaching your flower beds or the street, it knows it’s coming close to the wire, so it won’t run into the street,” explained co-founder and VP of Operations Bart Lomont.

In its early stages, a couple of the mowers were stolen, so GPS tracking devices and warning stickers on the mowers are now being used to prevent thefts.

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