Zeoli Show Log 04.06.17

3pm- Senate Republicans triggered the “nuclear option” in an effort to end a Democrat filibuster and propel Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch towards approval. 

3:05pm- In 2013, Sen. Elizabeth Warren advocated for ending the Senate filibuster.

3:40pm- Steve Bannon had unkind things to say about Jared Kushner.

3:55pm- In 1992, then Senator Joe Biden stated that any Supreme Court vacancies in an election year should stay vacant and that the next president should be allowed to make the nomination. 

4:05pm- Despite claims made by the Obama administration, it appears as though Syria still posses chemical weapons. 

4:10pm- Sen. Rand Paul stated that military action in Syria needs Congressional approval in order to be Constitutionally legal.

5:10pm- Despite what evidence suggests, Ron Paul says that there is a zero chance that Bashar al-Assad was behind the chemical weapons attack in Syria.

5:20pm- CNN contributor Sally Kohn changes her opinion on the nuclear option.

5:40pm- Chris Matthews, once again, compared Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to Saddam Hussein’s sons. 

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