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By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Collingswood Mayor, James Maley, disputed a news report that a resident of his town has been harassed and had property vandalized because of her support for Donald Trump.

Maley told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the story which appeared in the Philly Voice overstates what is happening and that police have had no such complaints since the election in November.


“A lot of this that’s in these stories is written as though this is ongoing. Most of these, and there’s a lot that’s reported in this story that our police records don’t have any record, but most all of this happened around the election and it was things like the Trump signs or a flag were stolen, were taken off the lawn. That should not happen but it happened to my campaign signs. It’s just, kind of, at election time some people go out and if they don’t like who is running for office, they take signs. For the most, I’ve got a total, there’s a 11 incidents that the police have. Everything is from August through the election last year.”

The Mayor also dismissed comparisons between this story and of other reports from around the country of individuals being targeted with threats and violence because of their religious beliefs.

“There is no indication whatsoever that anyone is being harassed because of their religion. To equate someone being harassed because of their religion with their being in support of a political candidate, I think is taking it a little too far…For every campaign sign that gets stolen off of someone’s lawn…that is not the same as someone that is having crimes perpetrated against them because of their religion.”

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