By Andrew Kramer

VILLANOVA, Pa. (CBS) – We found out during Selection Sunday the defending NCAA champion Villanova Wildcats are the number one overall seed in this year’s tournament.

An ecstatic Nova Nation came together on campus to hear the announcement. The large crowd at the Connelly Center erupted when they learned Villanova is on top of the East Region.

“I mean, it’s awesome,” says freshman Peter Nolan. “The whole community, this is what the school does, we play basketball, we watch basketball, and it’s great to be able to get behind the team as an entire school.”

Jay Wright and the players were there, along with the Villanova band, cheerleaders, students and alumni.

But the most confident person in the room had to be junior Christian Mazzie:

“We’re the best. That’s all that needs to be said. Not really scared or anything. Villanova wins again.

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For junior George Thissel, and just about everyone else there, it was hopefulness with a side of caution:

“Could be a lot of pressure coming in with a number one seed but we’ve dealt with that all year. Everyone’s giving the defending national champions their best shot. A little nervous about Duke but I think Jay Wright will prepare them well.”

Duke is the number two seed in the East, but in the end Thissel feels Villanova will once again make the Final Four…at the very least:

“Had a great season, looking to go back to back, be the first school in awhile to do that. Just looking forward to it, it’s going to be great.”

Just a great time to be a Villanova fan says sophomore Matt Wegrzyn:

“It’s awesome. It’s almost like the golden age of Villanova basketball. Back in like 1985, and now we kind of have a lot more respect.”

He, too, once again see them going very far:

“As long as we’re working together and we keep our wits about us and keep calm and we;re able to keep the pressure on other people, I think we’re a Final Four team.”

The road to a repeat begins this Thursday in Buffalo.

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