Local Trump Supporter Gets Inauguration Invitation…Two Months Late

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As President Trump enters the halfway point of his first 100 days in office, a local man finds out he had an opportunity to be there on day one.

When the mail carrier brought retired radio traffic reporter John Brown his mail to his Rosemont home earlier this week, there was one piece of mail from Washington D.C.

“It was for the inauguration. It was for the president and the vice president, and they ‘would like to have my body present,’ blah blah blah blah. And I’m thinking, ‘just a wee too late,’” Brown said.

An invitation to the Presidential Inauguration… on January 20th.

thumbnail 20170311 181730 Local Trump Supporter Gets Inauguration Invitation...Two Months Late

Photo credit: John Brown

“I took a picture of it. People say, ‘oh I got mine yesterday. Oh I got mine a week ago.’ And all of a sudden people are telling me they got their invitation,” said Brown.

Brown says there were about 40 of his Facebook friends, who are also Trump campaign supporters, who got invitations recently.

“I did donate a couple of times, but, you know, it wasn’t a lot of money,” said Brown.

So with the inauguration obviously over, John put his invitation in the recycling bin and rolled it to the curb.

“I don’t keep that kind of stuff,” he said.

There was no response from the White House press office, or a direct tweet from President Trump as to why supporters were just now getting their invitations.

The Delaware County Republican office was not aware of the late mailings.

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One Comment

  1. I just got mine too – if I got it before the date I would have gone…

  2. Melissa Rau says:

    Just received mine in the mail today (Idaho).

  3. I got mine just now.

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  5. I just got mine today March 14 2017

  6. I live in Marietta, GA and received my invitation on March 9th. I am totally perplexed as to why this happened and cannot get an answer from my local Republican party. This seems to have been an intentional oversight on someone’s part. How can we find out why this happened??

  7. It’ll be his new excuse why no one was there!

    1. I got mine today March 14 2017 I sure hope The one in 2020 isn’t late either , suck it up snowflake

  8. Hank Maglio says:

    why wouyld these stupid news media ,,want a response from the WH,,,don’r these college kids have smarts today,,,coommon sense,,,,why isn’t it the PO fault,,,,are theyh that stupid,,,,time to cut back on the new media,,,,

  9. Jim Alswager says:

    I live in Naples, Fl. and I just received an invitation to Trump Inaugural today, March 11th. what’s the story?

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