Study: Pot Use Associated With Increased Risk of Stroke, Heart Failure

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Medical marijuana is legal in 28 states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

It is used to treat a number of conditions, including pain, seizures and nausea.

Previous research has focused mostly on pulmonary and psychiatric complications.

Now, new research from Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia also finds a link between marijuana and heart trouble.

A study released today is one of the first to concentrate on cardiac risks.

“Patients who use cannabis were at significantly higher risk of developing heart failure,” says Einstein cardiologist Dr. Aditi Kalla.

Kalla, a cardiac researcher, says the study reviewed health records from 1,000 hospitals covering patients between the ages of 18 to 55 years old.

Those who used marijuana had a 26 percent increased risk of having a stroke and a 10 percent higher risk of heart failure.

Pot appears to directly impact the heart.

“When cannabis affects human heart cells those cells are less able to squeeze and therefore the heart as a whole is not able to pump as well,” said Dr. Kalla. ”

The study was conducted from 2009 to 2010 before cannabis was legal in most states.

Researchers did not account for quantity or frequency of pot use or whether or not it was ingested or smoked.

So doctors say more research is needed but the risks should be considered.

“As cannabis becomes legalized across the country I think both the medical and general community will need to become more aware of potential cardiovascular complications that can arise from cannabis use,” says Dr. Kalla.

Previous studies have shown that heavy cannabis use can cause psychiatric and respiratory problems and can impair learning, memory and attention.


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One Comment

  1. “Patients who use cannabis were at significantly higher risk of developing heart failure,” says Einstein cardiologist Dr. Aditi Kalla.

    That, is a terrible lie and they should be reprimanded by the medical board, lmao, as if… But, she’s willfully ignorant here, and it’s indefensible.

  2. There’s the truth is that prove pot has no useful benefit for pot users and cause more health problems so why Snider Family want to build a Medical Company that grow pot? They should build a research company that will try to find a cure for all types of viruses and illness for both humans and pets .

  3. Where are our pothead trolls to defend the use of weed?

  4. decimal10 says:

    I’m surprised doctors are still treating this as a mystery. The reason cannabis boosts risk of stroke and heart attack has everything to do with tar (and nothing to do with THC or any of the psychoactive chemicals).

    The inhalation of burning plant material, whether it’s tobacco, cannabis or any other plant, infuses the blood with all the chemicals found in the plant. The polar molecules are water soluble, so they easily flow with the blood and are eventually extracted by the liver and/or kidneys. The non-polar molecules (commonly known as tar) are not water soluble. Tar is gooey and it sticks to everything, including the inside of blood vessels, the heart, the brain and everything else it comes in contact with. The first place blood goes after the lungs is back to the heart, and after the heart, quite a bit goes through the carotids and vertebral arteries to the brain.

    Therefore, the heart and brain of every smoker gets a regular dose of gooey tar to foul things up. It’s as simple as that.

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